Mercury’s retrogade motion – confusing & conflicting information

Mercury is in a 3 week retrogade motion, which always produces false assumptions, delays and misunderstandings – not good for severe negotiations. Unfortunetely, the bailout package is designed in this time period, which is not good at all and a bad harbinger for the outcome of whatever deal will be reached.

The way Paulson and Bernanke introduced the plan and designed it was on weak ground since the BIS (Bank of International settlement) has all of the statistics one needs to make a more mature approach. All the more confusing is the fact that suddenly McCain enters the picture and the Reps block the plan ( do not get me wrong – it’s not a good plan anyway) and try to steal some glory for the elections by having him save the day. It is a bit of a troubling approach, as the Republican deregulation brought us into this trouble in the first place with an incredibly poor performing supervising authority (the FED and the SEC).

The retrogade will last until October 14th, but for now we get close to a new moon in Libra on Monday, which usually is a positive impulse for markets but only lasts for a few days.


~ by behindthematrix on September 26, 2008.

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