The unfolding disaster – astrological perspective

Lets have a look whats ahead while we observe the impact in the present (keep in mind astrology is like a watch – its not the watch making the time or us being tired at night – we have choices). Some economic choices I do describe later have to be considered seriously.

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But make no mistake: this is a real financial and banking crisis. Even longer-term than the positive Jupiter-Saturn trine, is the forthcoming 45-year opposition of Saturn and Uranus (November 4, 2008- July 26, 2010) , followed by the 126-year square of Uranus and Pluto (2012-2015). This is a different world than anything we have seen since the Great Depression. This week Washington Mutual folded, the largest banking failure in history. Last week it was Lehman Brothers, AIG and Merrill Lynch. The week before that it was Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Every week it seems another big one bites the dust. The investment community is scared, which is also the nature of Saturn in opposition to Uranus, which will be even more exaggerated next year when Pluto (debt and more debt) forms a square to both. Jupiter will conjunct Neptune next year too, so once again we will hear the exhortations that the economy and banking system are sound and resilient. Our leaders stated the same in 1929 and 1930, and again all last year and even into Monday, September 15, when Mr. Paulsen went on TV and shook his head back and forth and proclaimed exactly that – while looking at the floor.

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Astrologically, the parallels to the Great Depression are sound. In the early 1930s, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto were forming a T-square in the cardinal signs, which provided the celestial pressure to undermine a mismanaged financial system. Some analysts have decried the current monetary crisis as the “greatest regulatory failure in history”, as we are once again heading into a T-square involving Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in cardinal signs.

Three outer planets forming hard aspects to each other tends to correspond to historic, seismic shifts in the socio-economic-political realm. In 2010, Uranus enters Aries while making its fifth and final opposition to Saturn, as the two form a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This T-square is shaping up now: Pluto is heading into Capricorn, and the first Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact in six weeks.

When comparing this developing T-square to the U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope, the nation’s Venus is in the cross-hairs. Venus is found in the home-mortgage sign of Cancer, and in the Eighth House of Credit. Since the nation’s founding, Pluto has never been in this position (in the Second House, opposite Venus). We are in uncharted territory, and one can only hope that the government takeover of the financial system serves the public good, and is not just a bailout for wealthy investors.

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The keyword for the Saturn/Uranus opposition is “a challenge to the status quo,” but don’t let that fool you into thinking this opposition only symbolizes a struggle between the powers that be and the powers that wanna be. This opposition operates on a personal as well as a collective level, and that translates into all kinds of shifts. Saturn represents authority. Uranus questions authority. And approximately every 45 years, as they oppose one another, we struggle with structures and foundations, individual and collective, in need of a serious overhaul. Notice what’s stagnant in your life, and be prepared to transform your situation, even if that means being uncomfortable—very, very uncomfortable.

Within a Saturn/Uranus opposition cycle, there are five actual exact oppositions. This current cycle will occur from November 2008-July 2010. The first direct contact is exact and separating on November 4th, Election Day in the United States, but while this election can easily be seen as the perfect symbol for this opposition, it would be wise not to think in terms of a single event. Think of the coming two years as a period of rebellion against stagnant systems that no longer work but are resistant to change, individual and collective.

We are in the middle of karmic and historic events and an aspect I barely found anything about but is apparently having a big impact – Chiron and the Moon Knode being in conjunction and Saturn in Quincunx (150 degree) is a very challenging planetary constellation. Chiron as the wounded healer at the same spot as the Moon Knode which also has the karmic inprint of former lives have a challenging aspect to Saturn. Through a suffering experience we are urged to find a remedy for the current situation thats on a personal level. Saturn also stands for aouthority or government and we will experience suffering through actions of the same.

The ongoing financial disaster is unprecended and will unfold like a nuke with a powerful destructive energy. It has spread to the entire ecomomic system and we will hear about in the coming mnths. The bailout plan might smooth down the process for a little while but cannot stop it. Up to 800 tril in derivatives mostly not on balance sheets but owned by financial institutions are being triggered with the credit crunch. The 700 bil. are a drop in the ocean – just to bail out Citigroup that money might be enough – my estimation 2 years ago was 2 tril. but that was without 7 Icons already collapsed. The impact of those collapsed institutions is that the counterparty risk bomb has been triggered. When banks can not trust each other any more the system comes to a grinding halt. Problem is that all those derivate products are by 95 % OTC contracts hence not regulated. If one part of the system fais the risk is high the whole system brakes down, which is a financial nuclear war like scenario. The government was to hesitant to stop that in the first place right from the beginning – although there was no margin for error with 800 tril.. I covered that problem in earlier posts. This events since March have brought a paralyzing effect on the real economy and we will see 2 -3 disastrous earnings seasons since privat consumption and corporate consumption (CAPEX) will suffer sharply. We can not believe any government statistics because they evidently have lost any decency and ethics and thats not only the case for the USA. Its a global trend just to mention the phony and far to low reported inflation numbers (which was a systematic approach with evil motives) at least for a decade. Stating low inflation lowers the interest rates a government has to pay when borrowing money and therefor saves big chunks of its budget for interest payments (in America alone it saved at least 400 bil in interest payment in 1 year). Sounds not bad since it reduces the burden for taxpayers on the paper but effectively for mainstreet its expensive. First off all your money lost buying power constantely since the salary raises from year to year never matched inflation and secondly the saved money was paid not the appropriate interest then invested in bonds or money market funds – so you got a double negativ effect.

Over the next years stock markets will come down sharply the least we can expect is the indices to drop to half values but realistically 70-80% is very likely. whatever they try to tell you its not true – in times of deep crises the PE of an Ibdex dropes easily to a 5-7 etc range. Currently we are trading at 15 times earnings. That alone brings the DOW to 5000-6000, now assume that the earnings come down over time which they will easily by 30% we have to deduct another 30% etc. Over the next 12 month reduce your stock exposure drastically and start to sell into any bailout rally. we will see a sgnificant low in the first quarter of next year followed by an upturn for a few months but in any case since thats hard to predict with the government market manipulations by the 3rd quarter of next year you should have reduced your equity exposure very substantially. Its not about making money anymore – the important part is preserving it. Evryone should slowly build up Gold stakes over the next 12 months.

The above mentioned T-Square of Uranus,Saturn and Pluto will be in cardinal signs like in 1930 and have a huge impact on the shape of the global economic situation. Things will be upside down and to put into perspective the things we observe right now will happen on a much bigger magnitude. Its not happy times the stars are preparing us for but neseccary since the world is out of its equilibrium and the remedy for healing is the bitter pill we need to swallow. The Phoenix has to turn to ashes before it can be reborn on a better and sounder basis hopefully.


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