Market astro insights for October

The following points (will) have a big impact on the markets and basically confirm to our basic assumptions from a technical point of view. Just a few additions from my side – a crucial reference to point 4., as this aspect by itself is already having quite an effect. Saturn is going into an exact 150 degree angle at the same time it goes direct and closes the oppositiın to Uranus, which is a complex situation but adds basically to the current momentum of markets in distress. But this has other impacts as well, since it directly effects the elections and also will have geological implications since Uranus/Saturn in opposition is a 45 year event (it will be repeated over the next 2 years by retrogade motions) but is rare during a lifetime and can cause things like big earthquakes as well as social unrest, like in the mid 60’s.

Mars in Scorpio is basically a very agressive time (point 1) and can stir up fear or execute decisive actions more likely (like rate cuts).

The basic situation will reach its climax around November 4th and, until that point, we cannot expect a big relief. A smaller one is due in the second half of the coming week, with the Full Moon and Mercury going direct at the same time the worst might end, since the ingress of Venus into Sagitarius around October 17th will take away the fear in the interest rate markets (probably because of interest rate cuts). Basically, we will have Saturn beyond the 150 degree but the Uranus effect is a basically unpredictable force and highly volatile – it will remain until November 4th and even beyond, since these are slow planets.

Top Five Astro-Events for October

1. Mars enters Scorpio on October 4, energizing and intensifying American actions in the global village. Watch for new initiatives in diplomatic and military affairs, especially when Mercury turns direct on October 15 as Mars conjoins the U.S. Ascendant. Then, when Mars squares the U.S. Midheaven on the 27th, expect a major incident of violence in the news.

2. Ceres opposes Neptune on October 11, but is a strong influence during the first two weeks of the month. Ceres in Leo brings out the paternal instincts, both in private families and government affairs. Ceres is the autocratic caretaker, while Neptune in Aquarius favors egalitarian principles that protect Main Street. Ceres-Neptune may also bring tainted food into the marketplace.

3. The Full Moon on October 14 offers an opportunity for reconciliation, healing, and cooperation, since the Libra Sun trines a compassionate and civil Neptune in Aquarius. The action-oriented Aries Moon sparks confrontations between independent idealists and those who favor consensus-building. The favorable Neptune influence allows a brief window for agreement and a new understanding.

4. Chiron turns direct on October 25 while conjunct the U.S. IC. Chiron has been hovering over this point for the last month, bringing a great deal of financial chaos (wounding) into America’s domestic affairs. The transiting North Node is also on this point this month, indicating that a fateful new cycle is just beginning.

5. Saturn and Uranus oppose each other on November 4, but this aspect is a major influence throughout October. Saturn and Uranus represent clashing titans that can unsettle any sense of stability and order. Their interaction may lead to financial and social crises, unexpected developments in the political process, and spontaneous enemy action on the military front.


~ by behindthematrix on October 5, 2008.

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