Bernanke and Trichet are freaking morons – world goes insane

VIX has never been at 56depression specialist PH.D. Dr. Bernanke, can we present any more facts to help you to do the inevitable?

Markets are in unprecedented distress (except for one case 80 years ago) and they still hesitate to cut rates – now they have to do 75BP.

The intellectual capacity of a monkey might be bigger as they proved in contests against portfolio managers by throwing darts that they can score better.

Citi will sue for breach of contract (Wachovia deal) by the little sum of $60bil. – that’s a cute idea to make up some losses.

I just heard President Bush speaking from Texas explaining what the bailout package was for- is there no way he stays in Texas until end January and shuts up??


~ by behindthematrix on October 6, 2008.

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