Does someone pay central bankers to produce a crash??

It’s unbelievable what these guys are doing – they wait for a miracle to happen. I do not get by any means what is worth waiting for?? They need to shoot with big canons and they do everything with arch and arrow. This is by historic dimensions a once in a century event (to say the least) which is even obviously the top topic in the Kindergarten. Either they are paid buy evil forces to wreck the system which we do not want to believe for now or they are evidently not fit for the job and completely incompetent to handle stress. Whatever it is, they need to go tonight or cut the rates tomorrow. Besides other things like clearing and guaranteeing transactions between banks so money flow is warranted. It’s not difficult – it’s easy, all you got to do is to do it.

Just as the famous Nike ad says Just do it

I do not say that because I expect any miracle market moves by a rate cut but anything which helps the markets and even more important the economy to settle down on is of help. Waiting does only harm as we saw by the bailout program. The SPX very likely will still go to 950 at some point.


~ by behindthematrix on October 7, 2008.

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