SPX intraday update

On the left hand, the SPX hourly chart and we are heading for the hourly 13 in 3 hours on a daily 13 plus 9 day. It pretty much should turn out at 950 SPX.
The point is that some indicators have a reluctance factor like VIX options being at 55 earlıer at 65 calls worth 85 cents, thereby 45 puts were at 3.7 almost four-fold . ISEE, that is a metric to see the net option exposure of today, started out to high. We are still in a gridlock in real-term interest rate markets with record Libor. It was a grave mistake to let LEH die, since that triggered the severe distrust of what the FED and TREASURY are up too. A decisive “we defend” message to the market would have put the market in an overall better shape. Anyway, the next thing they can do is to bring clarity into the insurance situation. If someone is to be bailed out, do it right away. The point that AIG got $38 bil. on top of $85 bil. is why all their efforts do not work. They are always behind the curve now – GM and Ford do not find financing.


~ by behindthematrix on October 9, 2008.

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