Some astrological insight into the markets

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In other markets, Crude Oil fell below $70.00/barrel last week, which means it has now fallen more than 50%, thus fulfilling our Uranus in Pisces forecast of a 50-90% decline from the all-time high of July 11, 2008 at $147.00/barrel. The decline could continue for 2 more years. Gold and Silver also fell sharply last week, as did grains, as the Dollar strengthened against most other major currencies.

Last week’s report stated, “On a somewhat positive note, Venus ended its sextile-trine to that Saturn-Uranus opposition on Friday, October 10. That too could correspond to some relief, however temporary.” It lasted at least two days, then equities fell again into Thursday. In the USA, they rebounded from a secondary low on Thursday and now we will see if they continue up into the week of the election, when the powerful Saturn-Uranus opposition is exact.

For this week, one of the more important signatures unfolding will be Venus ingressing into Sagittarius, October 18 through November 12. Sagittarius represents exaggeration. When positive, markets are optimistic and bullish. Prices rise sharply. When negative, markets enter a stage of panic and free fall. Of most concern here will be November 3 when Venus makes an exact T-square to the Saturn-Uranus opposition. This is a very tight “translation” of the larger Saturn-Uranus aspect. As we have seen in the past year, such “translations” have corresponded to steep declines. Therefore if the market rallies into the week of the election, be very careful. But if it declines steeply into the election, it may be the end of the decline, followed by a very sharp rally. Let the market guide you when it gets there.

Well, basically the stars confirm my technical assumption of another volatile trough in the stock markets with new lows before we get a severe rally within the bear trend. The pivotal time will be very much around the elections, which is also close to the next FED meeting, where we can expect another rate cut. The day of the elections has some very interesting constellations though not only the Saturn/Uranus opposition also an exact Mars/Neptune square (betrayal) and SUN in applying square to the NORTH NODE (challenging and karmic). Also, immediately before the election, Mars will take a trigon to Uranus which is a sign of high volatility and finally the MOON will be in sober Capricorn though close to JUPITER. In any case, this elections will change the world since the URANUS/SATURN opposition is a once in 45 years event and, by nature, it will have a crucial effect (unfortunately we also might see some earthquakes around this time).


~ by behindthematrix on October 19, 2008.

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