NDX technical update – some astro influences coming up

The hourly chart completed the mission to the upside by a 13 count and, as we have closed today with a 12 count, a temp low might be in reach as the SPX has a 11 hourly count. Although hourly charts have a different priority when it comes to giving them weight. Since the SPX has reached the 900 level, I expect a little reaction tomorrow after a 10% slump within 2 days. That will rather deliver a selling opportunity for short-term traders. So, tomorrow we might open lower but trade higher later.

In any case, markets need to go lower the next week, as we will get full moon on the 13th in a bad angle to Neptune, which just went stationary. That means that plenty of lies and delusion are due, since it comes on the Scorpio/Taurus axes it might heighten fear and lead to a sell-out within 2 weeks. One day before the full moon, Venus the money planet moves into Capricorn, which will sober down all of the euphoria that some bullish Guru’s had recently. We also get some better influences around November 21st that might be a turning point, but we will have to follow closely the market events to see if the technical picture supports those assumptions.


~ by behindthematrix on November 7, 2008.

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