The horror does not stop – DC is contaminated already before the Obama administration arrives

That is after Fannie Mae lost $29 bil. – the money press of Helicopter Bernie (FED chairman are running 24/7).  

Freddie Mac Posts Record Loss, Asks for $13.8 Billion (Update1)

By Dawn Kopecki

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — Freddie Mac asked the Treasury for $13.8 billion after a record quarterly loss caused its net worth to fall below zero.

The third-quarter net loss widened to $25.3 billion, or $19.44 a share, McLean, Virginia-based Freddie said in a regulatory filing today. The losses forced Freddie to request government funds and the company said it expects to receive the money by Nov. 29.

How can they ever earn the cost of the Treasury loans?? – this is totally pathetic

Excerpt from Bloomberg

Fannie and Freddie will have to pay the Treasury a 10 percent annual dividend if they access the federal funding. The cost, which is only paid out if the companies are profitable

This is exactly what I was afraid to hear – but still expected to happen – since if that becomes reality, Obama made too many compromises even before he became President and that cannot be the basis for a better Washington or more prudent government. It proves my theory that they let Obama win, since a member of the minority might more easily sell the hardship which will be upon the people going forward.


Hillary Clinton Eyed for Secretary of State: NBC


Sen. Hillary Clinton, who lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary, is being considered to serve as secretary of state in the Obama administration, NBC News reported on Thursday.




The report cited two unnamed advisers to President-elect Obama. The report said Clinton’s office would only say that any decisions on the appointment would be up to the president-elect.

The former first lady, who was in a drawn-out battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, is in her second term as a senator from New York.


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