Bonus payments are not an option – and carmakers are outrageous by hiding behind lies

Without the $2 tril. in taxpayers money (including TARP) all of Wall Street firms would be bankrupt, hence no one deserves a bonus – their jobs are the bonus.

Wall Street Firms Pressured to Forego 2008 Bonuses

Shameless whimps and morons blame and try to hide their incompetence behind the credit crunch – the car industry was a zombie long before any CDO went bust.

US Auto Executives Blame Problems on Credit Crisis

– these guys are a case for prosecution as well.

Reuters | 18 Nov 2008 | 03:11 PM ET
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Detroit’s Big Three automakers urged Congress to approve a $25 billion lifeline to save their once-proud companies from collapse, warning of broader peril for the national economy as well.

General Motors [GM 2.90 -0.28 (-8.81%) ] CEO Rick Wagoner told the Senate Banking Committee the problem does not stem from mismanagement or lack of vision on the part of the industry, but is the direct result of the global financial meltdown.

He said the U.S. auto industry “needs a bridge to span the financial chasm that has opened before us.”

that’s b——- and he should be thrown into jail for these kind of lies.


~ by behindthematrix on November 19, 2008.

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