SPX tech update – something obscure with Paulson’s attitudes

The SPX makes a daily 10 count while approaching the 800 area. At some point we will have another sharp rally, as we are substantially below the monthly Bollinger. As soon as we have the 13 count on that might happen as the SEQ 13 recently was only good for 1 day but that day made a 10% day swing. Too much selling pressure remains as the usual suspects Paulson and Bernanke deliver destabilizing inputs to the markets with their destructive and unprofessional behaviour. In any way, sometime next week a sharp rally might be due – I actually expected that for the second part of this week. Paulson (Goldman) seems to have a vital interest in crushing the markets. I recommend that a special investigation squad goes into Goldman and checks all their trading activity and cross checks that with Paulson’s activities.

~ by behindthematrix on November 19, 2008.

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