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First off all let me say those predictions are pretty scary even for me as I did call the events happening now already 2-3 years ago and although Marc Faber has the ‘Gloom and Doom’ brand my friends and people I am associated with think and thought I was too much sometimes with all my bad news. Its not easy to be the messenger of bad news but I could not help it – thats a reason why I started this blog it was unbearable to see all the things going on and people did not see it. Its very frustrating to see what happens on this planet – some people call it conspiracy theory – but open history books and its a regular thing that people with power seek for more power. The confusing part is within kingdoms it was clear to everyone although they did not have the WEB’ – in democracies this fact is more subtle and hidden as the basic mission of democracy is not to have the power in a few hands but in the people’s. Its very tempting to use the power democracies give people on time to be abused for people behind the scene’s and that is exactly whats happening. We have ‘shadow kingdom’s’ now with the Russian’s living it quite openly but in the old world we have the Rothschild’s and other families who think for various reason’s they deserve to have power but are well trained to exercise that very subtle b(u)y making presidents or governments as they see that people who vote are easy to manipulate as they do not take their democracies with all the obligations but instead vote for some pathetic lies and promises of low taxes.
Anyway thats a different topic – for now I only can say that as a student of astrology for 14 years now the probability the predictions turn out are at 70% if that can be put in quantitative terms. The ’70’ is just the means of being confident over 50% no scientific provable method. Without going into details ( plenty of it was discussed in earlier blogs) we are heading for big trouble but as the famous Chinese sign for crisis also carries the chance for change – I firmly believe the/this crisis we will/are see(ing) is a chance for a transformation to a better world hopefully. We have not learned the lessons yet (ı include myself absolutely to that) as we get distracted too easily by random illusions and therefor a very easy to manipulate. Life is not about paying dow mortgages and student loans – what they make us believe as an essential of modern society life. Why should you take for granted that your income gets taxed, a country has to be in debt or even more pathetic why do you have to pay taxes (VAT or other taxes) after your income has been taxed already. democracies are worse than any mobster or mafia could ever be they take away half of your money you worked for so hard and almost keep no promise they made as they campaigned to get elected. They bailout their sponsers like wallstreet and tell you thats neseccary to save the economy – which is completely bull….. – as they could implement a new federal banking system and give the same money directly to homeowners or small businesses which they do not do .
what we have right now is far from what democracies were made for and only serve the interests of very few priveledged ones. That we had for centuries and had a different name like monarchies had all over the world – they use the frame of democracy but intrinsic operations are completely organized to serve the ones in power behind the scenes – make no mistake not the president of USA is the most powerful man – its the people who make the presidents. Obama is an excellent example for that – not that I favore McCain – thats basically the same thing. As long as people had their ‘life’ and the illusion it was nice and evolving – since most are just slaves of their banks and the IRS or whoever has the power to screw with them people were to willing to accept the terms of modern slavery. Now as things turn ugly and we are stil in the 4th inning they might be aware by suffering that something is wrong and its not the toxic CDO’s they are just a symbol of what is rotten. The problem is the comfort of the way we live but its a very sophisticated system of distractions to handle anyway. First there is this ‘stress’ created to exhaust you – popular technique to treat slaves keep them exhausted and scared. When you come home at some point the family creates more stress as everybody had its share outside in school or wherever you go these days basically. Values how people traet each other have been diluted by confusing messages by ‘guru’s’ of education and a brainwashing machine which works perfectely through TV shows and general mass media inputs which suggest a model of living which is not appropriate. Life is reduced to paying down mortagges and credit card debts , watching TV ( men get their sport to distract them – since they can channel all their frustration and aggression on defeating the other teams) and women get reality shows and soaps – I know I am generalizing to keep it simple and you raise the kids to live the same way and die. well thats not what I call life.
Anyway why are banks allowed to charge insane interests ( no one from government objects that since its free capitalism right? – but that the morons blow away trillions by faking profits they never had to pay themselves insane bonuses they never deserved the government come to save their ass – give me a freaking break – that stinks – just use your common sense and do not believe the propaganda machine. They have beeen stealing big time money by understating the inflation hence they could underpay your work and pay to low interest on the money you saved after paying all this mobster taxes. Thats outrages and no one should except that and if Obama does not change that scheme (it does not look so – he will make the expected humangous aid program to distract you from truth – as any other president) you should fire him with his rat pack of advisors they are the same guys who screwed america under Clinton but not any different than the ratpack under Bush. Its the system created to screw the people it does not realy matter anymore for whom you vote these days all the same corrupt breed and its hard to resist the system as you belong to the club of the privledged ones.
Its time for revolution again remember how the independance of America started ‘no taxation without representation’ ( Boston Teaparty) – well demand that you are realy represented by your Senator and Congressman/lady – no phony congress grillings – also a distraction technique – demand that the interests of the people are executed not the ones who sponsored the politicians.


~ by behindthematrix on November 25, 2008.

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