Volatile December ahead – some astro insghts

The following describes pretty good whats ahead of us in DEC also from a technical point of view. markets will be very volatile going through DEC and we need to make even new lows – but thats only the financial turmoil. we will have some dangerous alignments over the holidays and Mumbai’s events might be a harbinger of things to come – so watch out in all aspects and be save.

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Although the volatility did recede last week, other principles associated with Uranus were operative, as witnessed by the sudden and shocking attacks by terrorists on innocent civilians in Mumbai, India. The principles of explosiveness and sudden, jarring events are all part of the developing conjunction of Sun and Mars in Sagittarius, as both move towards their T-square to Saturn and Uranus. It may also be a symbolic foretelling of what to expect as Pluto now re-enters the sign of Capricorn for the next 15 years.

On November 27, Pluto – the planet of power, death, taxes, and transformation – re-entered Capricorn, the sign of the Establishment, tradition, and government. Under this 15-year reign, we can anticipate many governments and many government leaders being the object of hatred and secretive efforts to overthrow it. Government’s reactions to combat it will be just as heavy in response, and once again freedoms and liberties will be at risk. “Big Brother” will be watching ore and more closely in an effort to find and punish the terrorists.

On the same day, November 27, Uranus went stationary direct. And change of positions highlights the principles of that planet. Uranus represents shock and sudden events. It is one of the planets correlating with terrorism, especially when Pluto and/or Mars are highlighted at the same time. All three are highlighted now, because on December 5 (next Friday) the Sun and Mars come together in a conjunction aspect, in the volatile sign of Sagittarius. In a study I conducted several years ago, I demonstrated that the Sun-Mars conjunction was the most consistent of all to 10% or greater moves in the Down Jones Industrial Average than any other planetary pair signature, within an orb of 8 degrees. Once upon a time, 10% was considered a major move. But, as you saw last week, 10% is not so major any more. We are getting 10% moves every week now, so in this case, we may be looking at a 20% reversal developing. That is, within two weeks of the Sun Mars conjunction, look for a 20% move to end and a 20% opposite move to begin.

The real test to the strength of this new bullish-looking market will come around December 10-15. That is when both the Sun and Mars will “translate” by square aspect the long-term Saturn-Uranus opposition. As noted before, every time such a translation has occurred in the past year, the stock indices of the world have undergone a very sharp decline. But it is not just in the stock market that we need to be alert for sudden changes and events, for this time this combination is taking place amidst new and bold terrorist activity. To say that this is a dangerous period is an understatement. It is a violent potential, and such violence can be activated in stock markets around the worlds too in the form of a sudden collapse. Can prices fall back below the lows of the last two months? If so, it can quickly turn into panic and hysteria to a degree that exceeds even that leading into November 21. If those lows can hold, however, we may be embarking upon a multi-month rally for after all, the world wants to have hope and it wants to believe things will improve. It wants to believe in the charisma and message of Barack Obama, to be specific. Jupiter is coming up to conjunct Uranus in Pisces, and both from a positive mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces, for the middle of 2009.

There is danger in the world as we head into the holiday season. But there is also hope and the belief of the masses that something magical is happening or can happen. Astrologically, the heavy Saturn aspects are usually considered stronger than the Jupiter-Neptune ones. But Jupiter and Neptune is spiritual force. It will be interesting to see which wins out in the market place: the heaviness and danger of the Saturn-Uranus related aspects or the power of spiritual belief and positive thinking signified by Jupiter and Neptune. Is Barack Obama really THE one, or is he just THAT one? Is this Camelot or Armageddon? We should know the answer sometime by the end of 2009. We are living in a time of heroes and mad men. For now, we can all try to enjoy the magic, but also try to avoid the danger. The markets will reflect which forces are winning.


~ by behindthematrix on November 29, 2008.

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