SPX near term outlook

The SPX left hand and the NDX has lost almost everything they gained last week as I write counting week 4 down (setup) and in the case of the SPX we need to new lower weekly closes below the low to complete the downleg. The SEQ daily count is by now and today at a 7 hence we need around 2 weeks in a straight manner to complete this one. The Rydex Nova /ursa is a critical high levels signaling a sharp self off to come.
We had a week of positive astro influence starting with the new moon and an exceptional positive Venus Jupiter conjunctionwhich is over now. In fact we are heading for a very challenging Full Moon on the 12th which will be in square to the Saturn/Uranus opposition which had so far always very negative effects. My assumption is therefor volatile downside move the next two weeks and the final week will be a window dressing operation to the upside again like end Nov. and early Jan we should drop finally to the lows of this leg. The car industry will be saved somehow – I have no clue why they make such a showdown other than for political reasons. also Obama is playing to much politics with ignoring everything about TARP as long as Paulson is in charge – he tries to stay away from it as it were contaminated with toxic poison. Probably they have a hidden agenda as to make an investigation since paulson abused his position and misled and deployed money different than negioated.


~ by behindthematrix on December 5, 2008.

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