Market long term analysis (Astrology) -part 1

I start with the astrological part as it perfectly confirms what our common sense can observe right now and if your honest with yourself you get an idea where we are heading yourself anyway.

You have to get used to trust your own thouıghts since as you may have recognized the so called experts are even liars or do not understand what is going on as they have been trained to think only in limited scenario’s and are even brainwashed. The talking heads in the media are hyping any daily news as that is there business but that might be confusing for a viewer since they switch back and forth like hysteric monkeys in a cage who are starving for the next banana.

In order to get the big picture it might be good to start from a point your least familiar with


The 2008-2015 Cardinal Ingress and T-Square Configuration

There are so many powerful geocosmic conditions unfolding in the next few years, that the challenge will be to figure out where to start, and how to prioritize so many critical issues that are due to arise.

The largest pattern that will unfold involves Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, three of the four longest-term planetary cycles in their orbit around the Sun. Not only that, but these three planets are powerful, or “yang” in their nature. The other far-out planet – Neptune – is “yin,” and much softer by nature than the other three. Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are strong and seem to “make things happen.” It is especially important now because these three planets will be moving from mutable signs to the action-oriented cardinal signs. This process unfolds from January 26, 2008, when Pluto first enters the cardinal sign of Capricorn, through March 17, 2015, when the final waxing square is completed between Uranus and Pluto, from the signs of Aries and Capricorn respectively. In between those dates, Saturn will enter the cardinal sign of Libra (October 29, 2009-October 5, 2012), and Uranus will enter the cardinal and war-like sign of Aries (May 28, 2010-March 6, 2019). Also, each of these planets will form a “hard” aspect to one another. Saturn will be in its 45-year opposition to Uranus five times between November 4, 2008 and July 26, 2010. Saturn will be in its 32-37 year waning square aspect to Pluto November 15, 2009 through August 21, 2010. And then the final segment of this powerful celestial set up ends with the seven passage series of Uranus in waxing square to Pluto, June 24, 2012 through March 17, 2015. This later signature may be the most important part of the whole pattern, for it doesn’t happen too often. The last occurrence was in 1876-77. In between, there was a waning square between these same two planets in 1932-1933. Both of these times coincided with economic depressions and severe stock market losses.

Astrology says we are at the brink of a major crisis ( what we saw so far is really just the beginning) within the next 5 years all what you saw as granted might disappear we are in the midst of major historic changes and in historic proportion decadency and greed and corruption combines with ignorance are the harbingers of a major change in the tide – that’s what we have right now.


~ by behindthematrix on December 13, 2008.

One Response to “Market long term analysis (Astrology) -part 1”

  1. i would like to hear more about the changing of the zodiac signs from what to what?

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