Mr Bloomberg should start to fire some of his pathetic talking heads

Its disgusting to hear some of this stupid smalltalk some of their stuff dare to speak out publicly thereby even misleading some regular watchers. One unnamed stuff member just made the really stupid math that if the government turns their 45 bil. into 20% stocks of Citi that would value Citibank at 5 times 45 bil. That lady should be fired but the whole Bloomberg operation should really double-check the bull…. they announce – even if the Obama admin would be so stupid to do that ( which would make an impeachment necessary for abusing taxpayer money) that does not mean that a bunch of lobbyists knows where the value of any asset is. Rather the opposite as they misjudged the warning signs for years and allowed banks to pile up more bad assets which caused the biggest financial disaster in history ( at the end of the day the 29 depression will look pathetic besides what we will see now unfortunately). Media should make more prudent and diligent reporting and stop this every bull… is a breaking news hype. what we need is what Obama promised but does not deliver ‘change’ to sincere and ethical values of reporting. Finish this propaganda hype screwing people disinformation attitude.


~ by behindthematrix on February 24, 2009.

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