VIX getting very very close to the low ( top for stocks) – tech update

The text in blue is yesterday comment ( sorry) today we made the 13 count and are on red alert but it will likely take 2 more days for the low still.

VIX is coming closer to my target zone 36-8 which will also mark the high of wave A for stocks. The timing looks very much like end of next week – around the 17th April.
Look for a sharp rise in the VIX thereafter and a sell off in stocks.
After all this will be part of the overall rally (sucker) and wave B up for the VIX followed by a wave C down (VIX) before we enter in Q4 a far more aggressive sell off in stocks (and rise in VIX) to new lows heading for real value which is in best case around 3500 DOW or 400 SPX but that we discuss closer as we enter that period.
The reason why I believe the consolidation will take quite some time is for technical reasons and astrological who confirm the scenario.


~ by behindthematrix on April 9, 2009.

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