NDX tech update – general update

Quite a day I have to say as I thought even briefly we have already the top of wave A in but we are in a classic zigzag distribution pattern. NDX tested the gap and the trendline today with SPX and DOW closing even higher confirming we are about to make the final thrust up of wave A the next days.
The 50 day MA of the ISEE is at 131 and the last 2 times we turned around 135 which is close by even the Investor Intel. is at 42 bulls again so more and more indicators kick in for a top. The VIX after the 13 Combo is now at a SEQ 10 count hence 2-3 more days of VIX trending down required. That is all in sink also with Atro cycles. Starting next week we enter week 5 counts mostly which are corrective by nature.
In away its a bit insane for me to be long as the fundamentals are so rotten as it gets and we trade at almost 20 times earnings – just my experience and tech and astro study lets me do that. Get ready to exit longs and enter shorts the next days.

~ by behindthematrix on April 15, 2009.

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