Another must read – Behind the Curtain: Goldman Sachs And “The Club” – Masters Of The Universe

Take the time to read thisGoldman is not the ultimate force in the game they are one of the top front runner names in the Rothschild gang or how Armstrong calls it the ‘Club’.
I use the name Rothschild as they were the masters of the universe for 200 years and their fortune seems to have disappeared. The official numbers of the family members are ridiculously low just the interest and the appreciation of real estate make them trillionaires by today’s terms.
They use other people as flagship names to cover their fortunes – just take the time to read how Berlusconi the Italian President got rich ( read Wikpedia and put 1 and 1 together) and you know it was not him who made a fortune and it does not belong to him. Same is true for people like Abramovich who is just an outlet for parts of the 7 bil which disappeared under Yeltsin. I wrote about that in earlier posts as Armstrong writes an interesting part about Safra.
Rockefeller’s are parts of the Rothschild’s as much and they even admit it, as other Jewish families of the High finance and some of the most powerful Hedge Funds are run on their behalf by Jewish Fund managers who always claim a victory at some point as Soros who broke the Bank of England that was an engineered deal. I do not say that those people are not smart the definitely are but they make money because they know that the odds are on their side.
All the highly mathematically skilled Indians could never make it to their ranks although they put Pandit on the Citi post but he is not a real skilled man otherwise Morgan Stanley would not have been i,n trouble since his guys ran the Prop trading there and the sank a Hedge Fund with 12 months but sold it expensive to Citi before it went bust.

On the point where Armstrong comments on the Lehman failure thats a valid point that Lehman was an easy target for a Gıoldman competitor to be taken out but more so the Lehman failure was easy money to make as when you knew they would fail one could make a killing in many ways as the market reaction was obvious in many areas especially in the less obvious and not regulated CDS market for example. Mot of the losses for AIG occurred after Lehman collapsed. I am pretty sure that Goldman made big money on that and they are smart enough not to show it as it would be obvious and one member of the ‘Club’ I suspect is the Hedge Fund manager Paulson who never was a factor before until he had the guts and luck to be the big time winner – would be interesting to see who his clients are (dear FBI have a look ).


~ by behindthematrix on April 20, 2009.

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