The world wide web of Goldman

The latest appointment was made by President Obama – Goldman was one of his biggest sponsors. He was brought into the system By Paulson with some other Goldman^s

Excerpt 1

William C. Dudley

William C. DudleyWilliam C. Dudley became the 10th president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on January 27, 2009. In that capacity, he serves as the vice chairman and a permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee, the group responsible for formulating the nation’s monetary policy.

Mr. Dudley had been executive vice president of the Markets Group at the New York Fed, where he also managed the System Open Market Account for the Federal Open Market Committee. The Markets Group oversees domestic open market and foreign exchange trading operations and the provisions of account services to foreign central banks.

Prior to joining the Bank in 2007, Mr. Dudley was a partner and managing director at Goldman, Sachs & Company and was the firm’s chief U.S. economist for a decade. Earlier in his career at Goldman Sachs, he had a variety of roles including a period when he was responsible for the firm’s foreign exchange forecasts. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs in 1986, he was a vice president at the former Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. Mr. Dudley was an economist at the Federal Reserve Board from 1981 to 1983.

He was a member of the Technical Consultants Group to the Congressional Budget Office from 1999 to 2005.

Mr. Dudley received his doctorate in economics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1982 and a Bachelor of Arts degree from New College, Sarasota, Florida in 1974.

Mr. Dudley and his wife, Ann E. Darby, reside in New Jersey.

January 2009

Excerpt 2

Here is just a taste:

Robert Rubin – Former United States Treasury Secretary, ex-Chairman of Citigroup.

Henry Paulson – Former United States Treasury Secretary.

Edward Lampert– Brought K-Mart out of Bankruptcy in 2003.

Joshua Bolten – former White House Chief of Staff

Erin Burnett – CNBC Host

Jon Corzine – Governor of the State of New Jersey.

Michael Cohrs – Head of Global Banking at Deutsche Bank

Jim “The Mouth” Cramer – In Cramer We Trust – Mad Money on CNBC – Ultimate Jackass

Abby Joseph Cohen – Perma-bull market forecaster formerly of Drexel Burnham Lambert

George Herbert Walker IV – member of the Bush family and current managing director at Neuberger Berman

Robert Zoellick – United States Trade Representative (2001-2005), Deputy Secretary of State (2005-2006), World Bank President.

Mark Carney – Current Governor of the Bank of Canada

Michael D. Fascitelli– President & Trustee of Vornado Realty Trust.

Neel Kashkari – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability

Malcolm Turnbull – Australian politician, currently the federal leader of the Liberal Party of Australia.

John Thain – former Chairman and CEO, Merrill Lynch, and former chairman of the NYSE.

Robert Steel – Chairman and President, Wachovia – Now with the boys and girls at Wells Fargo

Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of Italy twice (1996-1998 and 2006-2008) and President of the European Commission (1999-2004)

Mario Draghi, governor of the Bank of Italy (2006- )

Massimo Tononi, Italian deputy treasury chief (2006-2008)

This is not even a taste. This is just a smell from a mile away. You will be stunned when you see the full report. I

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