Astro insides for the next 2 weeks

Mercury goes retrograde on May 7th until May 30th so don’t go out and buy a new computer or any piece of technology. Try not to upload any new software into your computer during this period. Allow extra time to arrive at your appointments as delays and miscommunications are to be expected. Don’t schedule any very important meetings or any job interviews during the retrograde period. It’s a great time to complete any outstanding projects that you already had underway and also a wonderful time to do any in-depth research. As far as the financial markets are concerned, I expect them to move in a direction for 1-4 days, pause for about 20 minutes, and then swing in the other direction for another 1-4 days. The biggest focus will come between May 15th and 18th, as three things happen then. First, that will be around the middle of the retrograde period, when sudden reversals happen. It is more important than usual because Saturn will be turning direct on May 16th and heliocentric Mercury will be entering Sagittarius from May 18th – 30th). (Heliocentric Mercury is viewed from the Sun rather than the Earth.) Saturn stations in a bear market have been associated with a high in a bear market. Also, heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius tends to correspond to sharply rising prices in precious metals and currencies, and declines in stock prices. The other thing to remember is that during Mercury retrograde, whatever you think is supposed to happen, usually doesn’t! Many things go exactly the opposite of what you anticipate. So my recommendation would be to take any profits you have sooner rather than later.

The information above is from the link but matches general assumptions about this kind of constellations. The only thing to add is that the New Moon 25th May especially might be an brief turner to the upside within above mentioned patterns as at the same time Mars will have a sextile with Jupiter Neptun meaning optimism returns and the Full Moon following wi,ll be a tough one 14 days later as it is in a square to Saturn – which should bring markets down again. Very confusing will be the period from may 28th to 30th as on the earlier date Neptun goes stationary and 2 days later Mercury making it really tough to have keen senses and make good choices run a very low risk profile around those days. At the same time the ongoing manipulation in markets will be on a high level as well.


~ by behindthematrix on May 18, 2009.

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