The big manipulation scam is still on – astrological aspects for 2nd half of 2009

1. Friday, 6th March 2009 SPX makes a low of 666 ( weird enough but I doubt its a coincidence) and someone buys tons of calls – I have never seen a low been marked by an ISEE of 220 ( that usually would rather mark a high as it paints a picture of hyped optimism)

2. Over the weekend Citi and JPM break the news that they are doing far better than expected and a huge force ( very likely Goldman buys tons of futures to trigger the short covering , which makes it very easy since the call sellers start panicking of Tuesday).

3. As the week progresses the short covering of financials keeps marching with more good news on financials washed down the propaganda channels. The real evil part is though that the market is really short and the sharp recovery forces them to buy as no one has the nerve to loose money ( Goldman is officially still bearish).

4. Second week on the governments start joining the Goldilock scenario’s by giving upbeat announcements and we have a miracle worker of the US exchange as quite some times in the last 10-15 minutes negative markets are turned around by sheer force of buying power as up 10 100000 futures are bought within minutes.

5. The earnings season starts which were what a coincidence started with a new accounting rule for marking to the market is not mandatory anymore. Goldman announces an upbeat result by cheating double first of all they completely jump Dec. which is the kitchen sink month with hefty losses but not worked into the presented quarter.

6. Other banks follow with upbeat results due to accounting changes and some profits generated by the FED. Swine Flu is played down as numbers change suddenly and they claim only to test the acute cases ( they just do not want to spoil the bull party). Information about the so called Stress test gets leaked deliberately which triggers another wave of short covering in financials.

7. A new rosy picture campaign is strated by the media explaining less negative news as positive and some cheerleaders like Buffett finding themselves in nudist camps being mosquitos ( in a way its true since they want to suck in retail investors in to this fake sucker rally).

8. Close the highs Goldman suddenly presents an upbeat picture ( not so at the lows) and declares after the banks have risen 100% on average that they lift the banks from underweight to neutral ( that’s how you screw with people).

9. They let the market get short into the weekend and screw them on Monday (yesterday ) with very thin volume out of their shorts by the Buffett buys Wells and Goldman raises some banks and retailers to buy. Soros also joins the party with a buy list of retailers and as usual Lowe’s brings an upbeat earnings result earlier than scheduled ( that’s a method used regularly ).

The ‘club’ is completely in control of the action as most missed the rally and as the market looks resilient more and more funds will have to buy in as they do not have the nerve not be on board as the performance pressure is increasing. We will see the full effect of this as we get closer to the quarter end in a month from here and some more less than expected worse numbers have been published. The media was quite successful in building up the story that we have seen the bottom of this downturn ( which we are very far from). The point is only that the current conjunction of Jupiter and Neptun makes it easy to fool people as they are biased to see everything through the rosy glasses ( someone does know about that and pushes an evil agenda to screw up the puplic ).

In April 1930 after a 4-5 month correction to the upside again triggered by a phony Jupiter / Neptun square ( currently we have a Jupiter / Neptun conjunction) the big T-square of Saturn Uranus and Pluto kicked in and markets crashes even more til 1932 losing 90 % from the top.

Well by mid Sep 2009 Saturn will oppose Uranus the 3rd time the last 2 times within 2 years it always triggered a drop of at least 20 %.

It gets worse by mid Nov 2009 as Saturn will square Pluto ( building a T-Square to the natal Venus position of the USA) plus we have a mounting Uranus square to the natal Mars position of the USA for all second half of 2009, which stands for sudden outburst of violence and anger as people might get a grip how they were fooled by the administration.

We can expect the next big wave down to start around end of Q3 and that will bring the market to new lows or lets say we will see the real value bottom at the end of that wave , which will be south of SPX 500 level probably as low as 300.


~ by behindthematrix on May 19, 2009.

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