Oil tech update – wave A up is coming to an end

Oil one of my favorite longs is about to finish wave A up around 65 after it made 100% up but we have still some room for weave C up with my target at 78/80 but that’s rather more an August2009 event. As the count at an 11 today we should turn around next week for a correction or consolidation. We should retest the 50 level as Neptun the planet for Oil turns retrogade today interesting timing though. Well the oil is pretty much in sink with the overall market now with oil going into a consolidation the other markets are poised to do the same. Although Wallstreet wants to get you in to the stock market as they know 4 tril are sitting in money market funds – that makes the horny vampires really crazy to get you finally back in around the tops is the mission of the Goldman,Rothschild,Rockefeller gang. I recommend to do the opposite and sell them all your stocks around 1000 in summer. Traders can play the market but investors should use the levels to exit do not get fooled by this green shoot propaganda. we have nothing but a straw fire which will burn down quickly and reality comes back in Q3 very ugly.


~ by behindthematrix on May 28, 2009.

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