ASTRO update

The basic driver of this rally was/is the Jupiter Neptun conjunction which will roughly be valid til end of Aug. and we had the last 3 weeks the heliocentric effect accompanied bu Mars sextile J/N and exactly today Venus is at this sextile. The best of this effect is now established for now and we are heading for an uncomfy Full Moon in square to Saturn towards weekend which should trigger a short term correction after all this green shoot euphoria which can be perfectly explained by astrology and was the main reason why I expected a rally into this period. After a brief but likely volatile correction we can expect more upside thereafter but also a more tricky period overall. Only the last week of June should be a sure upside bet again because of the window dressing manipulation of the end quarter is even more demanding for the ones who missed the rally to jump on the bandwagon with Venus in it sign Taurus.
Just be aware that starting mid Sep. really destructive constellations will lign up who definitely bring markets down in bigger magnitude – no longs should be hold after Aug..


Was the huge run up in precious metals, crude oil, and currencies against the U.S. Dollar a function of heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius, or Jupiter conjunct Neptune? We shall see the answer to this question within the next few days.

If the correlation to this strong surge was heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius, then any market that has rallied sharply since May 19 may be in for rude fall in the next ten days, as this planet will now enter the more sobering sign of Capricorn until June 9. Whereas the influence of Sagittarius can be very optimistic and speculative (some might say it is the sign of “the gambler”), Capricorn can be more demanding of hard evidence to support such sudden price increases. If there are sound and fundamental reasons to justify such a move, then it can continue.

If the astrological correlate to this rise in commodity and currency prices is more to do with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, then it is possible that this trip into “anti-gravity prices” will continue longer. Jupiter and Neptune will be close to one another through the middle of July, for Neptune also turned stationary retrograde on Thursday, and Jupiter will do the same on June 15. In retrograde motion, they will form their second exact conjunction on July 10. Since this is a longer-term 13-year planetary cycle, there is reason to think it will have greater influence than heliocentric Mercury transiting through Sagittarius and Capricorn.

But it is even more complicated than that. Next Friday, June 5, the transiting Sun will start its translation of a T-square to both Saturn and Uranus, lasting through June 17. This of course brings to the forefront the principles of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is the longer-term 45-year cycle that we associate with financial collapse and crisis, a condition that started in September 2008 and continues to worry investors even now. In fact, it is likely to worry investors well into 2010, when Jupiter and Mars will both translate the Saturn-Uranus opposition (July-August 2010).

I wish I could say that is the extent of this complicated geocosmic situation now in effect. But there is more. Two days after Jupiter goes retrograde (June 15), the Sun will transit in a trine to both Jupiter and Neptune, thus once again bringing to the forefront the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction principles. And then on July 1 and 6 respectively, first Venus and then Mars will square the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, just a few days before their second passage on July 10. With so much Jupiter and Neptune in the picture, combined with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition, perhaps financial astrologers can begin to understand why a case could be made for either a huge blow-off upwards in stock and/or commodity prices in the next few weeks, or a huge collapse. As you navigate through these unchartered waters, you must indeed learn to think or swim, float or croak. On a mundane level, these same aspects can correlate to extreme flooding conditions. On a political level, they can pertain to a great hoax, and the starting of false and sensational rumors that harm the reputation of others. It can be a time of alarmist announcements, perhaps as we see developing with North Korea this past week.


~ by behindthematrix on June 3, 2009.

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