DC is more rotten than Denmark – part 2

As it turns out the fact the Germans claimed that GM and the Treasury came up last minute with a 400 mil demand turns out to be a rather criminal scam as they had put in a clause of the contract demanding that Germany transfers 344 mil Euro ( roughly 500 mil Dollar ) to the Cayman Islands. That’s is one of the issues run by this 31 year old who has no clue what the guys really running the show are doing. He is just the monkey who will be held responsible at the end of the day. To try to steal 500 mil from the German government was quite an outrage as the secretaries were very upset.
First they denied and later they claimed that the clause slipped in there by accident. (GM and Treasury at work – that’s an disgrace!!
Generally the attitude of the Obama boys toward Germany is a bit weird as Obama does not plan to meet the German chancellor on his Germany trip. That is weird to say the least and if I were the German chancellor I would refuse his visit under such circumstances but she is a wimp who was set their by the the Bilderberger but she never did anything but to hide. Probably due to Sarkozy’s influence that’s a way Of Obama to influence the upcoming German elections in Autumn as they might want to have her replaced. Sarkozy and Merkel are foe’s and her party has a great chance to win and hence for her to be chancellor again.


Obama’s Itinerary Irks German Government

The relationship between the charismatic US president and Germany’s no-nonsense chancellor has been marked by tension since Barack Obama’s visit to Berlin as a presidential candidate last year. Differences over Obama’s itinerary in Germany suggest his ties with Angela Merkel remain awkward.


The planned visit by the United States president to Germany at the end of next week is creating friction between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU).



~ by behindthematrix on June 3, 2009.

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