Germany’s debt will rise by 500 bil. Euro that equals 3.5 tril US

Germany will have to raise at least 500 bil. (equals 3.5 tril US Dollar through 5 times the size times the currency rate ) Euro new debt til. 2013 reports the German Handelsblatt. With a total of 2 tril debt then and a low assumption for interest rates of 4 % 80 bil. of interest would match aprox. 16 % of all German tax-income. I think those assumptions are all to low as nobody will lend Germany money at 4% then and the depression will have shown its full scale so you may easily double the numbers. Neither Germany nor USA deserve a triple or double A rating by now and if the rating agencies were honest they would have claimed that already. Since its a political issue this kind of honesty can not be expected and not happen. The problem is that the debt accumulation is rising so sharply that all these Goldilock morons who speak of recovery are deliberately liars and/or fools. This consumption on credit pattern needs to be broken or all go broke accept the ‘club’ which might even benefit to some degree for a short time but they do not have studied the ultimate forces of the universe it seems.
The only remedy is to cut down, deep down on consumption and only spend what we have but also to wake up and stop the robbery by the so called elite they are just morons with worthless ivy league degree’s who gather in secretive clubs to make their black magic voodoo. They do not have more power other than the fact that they organise themselves and use the human weakness to corrupt the people.
Start today kicking ass make a fuss in your bank about the criminal behaviour of them call your corrupt politician and tell him to change or he gets outed. Get out of your brainwashed trance and start doing the right things – do not allow to be abused, robbed and treated without the respect you deserve. Do not pay all this taxes anymore – all the laws are made to rob you not to protect you- just calculate how much taxes you are paying to sponsor all the thieves who generate the tax pool to enrich themselves. Why should one pay income tax plus VAT that is insane, first you get taxed for your work and then you get taxed from whats left over then you spend it to live and at the same time the national debt keeps rising. That is not an option what this so called politicians do to rob you and to take debt on future robbings which carry interest hence they have to increase the robbing ??????
All big western governments will be bankrupt within 10-15 years latest – there is no way they can payback the debt it is increasing rather at the biggest speed ever and once the baby boomer retire the systems will be broke.


~ by behindthematrix on July 2, 2009.

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