Sentiment overview

The Rydex has rallied since I warned that the low level ( around .53) triggers upside moves. The other indicators have risen as well but none is at an alert level yet including the ISEE which you will not find here. The MA’s of the ISEE are at mediocre levels but we have to be careful as this market is highly manipulated from many ends and support of the government. The time window for the top to build is another 1-4 weeks and speaking in SPX terms we shall see the 1030 area and a weekly close above 1000 before we can think of top.
Date Published Percent Bullish Percent Bearish
08/05 47.2 25.8


High bullish readings in the Consensus stock index or in the Market Vane stock index usually are signs of Market tops; low ones, market bottoms.
Last Week 2 Weeks Ago. 3 Weeks Ago
Consensus Index
Consensus Bullish Sentiment 51% 46% 40%
Source: Consensus Inc., P.O. Box 520526,Independence, Mo.
Historical data available at (800) 383-1441.
AAII Index
Bullish 47.7% 37.6% 28.7%
Bearish 31.4 42.4 47.1
Neutral 20.9 20.0 24.3
Source: American Association of Individual Investors,
625 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60611 (312) 280-0170.
Market Vane
Bullish Consensus 46% 45% 43%
Source: Market Vane, P.O. Box 90490,
Pasadena, CA 91109 (626) 395-7436.
FC Market Sentiment
Indicator 53.8% 53.5% 51.5%
Source: First Coverage 260 Franklin St., Suite 900
Boston, MA 02110-3112 (617) 303-0180.
FC Market Sentiment is a proprietary indicator derived from actionable sell-side trade ideas sent by the sell-side to their buy-side clients over the First Coverage platform. Over 1,000 institutional sales people at more than 250 firms participate on the First Coverage platform and have contributed hundreds of thousands of ideas since inception. Each Idea is associated with a ticker or sector and is tagged bullish or bearish by the creator. This data is aggregated at the sector, industry and market level. The FC Market Sentiment score ranges from 0-100 (0=most bearish, 50=neutral, and 100=most bullish) and represents a completely objective, real-time view into what advice the sell-side is providing to their buy-side clients
Citigroup Panic/Euphoria Model

Market Sentiment

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