brainstorming Monday

1. Obama does not have iron balls probably even not balls as he always seem to hide then things go out of the order he was prepared for by his puppet-masters. No stance for Lıbya as he has not walked the propaganda talk nor has anyone in the EU. Now as the Saudis invade Bahrain which is by all means an act of war but his allies he again does not act as his puppet masters rather seem to be eager to kep oil prices up and rather have an escalation plus support the old dictators.

In any case we are witnessing a fundamental change or rather a revolutionary one which will going forward change the globe in many ways and it will spread to entirely different areas as well as soon as the corrupt developed countries can not keep up their lies and inflation is one part of the catalysts which will soon bring the developed country populations to a grip that the status quo is not acceptable. It seems to be about the degree of pain and as Mr King from GB said recently that he was astonished people took the shit and fraud from banks so relatively calmly.


Stratfor Update On The Saudi Invasion Of Bahrain

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2011 08:03 -0400

Reports suggest foreign intervention in Bahrain, or at least the possibility that the Bahraini military is taking over the security reins. Such moves mean the regime is getting increasingly concerned with Shiite unrest, which does not seem to be subsiding despite dialogue calls from Bahraini Crown Prince Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa. The ongoing unrest is exacerbated by the split between Bahrain’s Shiite movement, which became clearer during protests on March 11. The more hardline faction of the Shiite movement, led by the Wafa and al-Haq blocs, has been increasing the tension on the streets in the hopes of stalling the talks between the Shiite al-Wefaq-led coalition’s negotiations with the regime. Military intervention from GCC countries means the situation is increasingly untenable for the regime. The paradox the Bahraini regime faces is that it cannot contain the unrest while trying to kick off talks with al-Wefaq. Al-Wefaq finds itself in a difficult position, since it risks losing ground against hardliners if it appears too close to the regime while Shiite protesters are beaten by the police.

Guest Post: The Gathering Storm

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2011 09:04 -0400

A butterfly flapped its wings in Tunisia creating a hurricane that is swirling across the globe, wreaking havoc with the existing social order and sweeping away old crumbling institutions and dictatorships. The linear thinking politicians, pundits and thought leaders have been knocked for a loop. They didn’t see it coming and they don’t know where it’s leading. An examination and understanding of history would have revealed that we have been here before. We were here in 1773. We were here in 1860. We were here in 1929. We are here again. The Fourth Turning has returned in its predictable cycle, just as Winter always follows Fall.


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