part 3

3. back to the human factor which is far more important in theory but the  ruling elite gives a crap about Mainstream collateral damage. Some information rather hints to the fact that Bilderberger would welcome a melt down in population and has initiated various strategies for that scenario which I will not discuss now.

The radiation level is very serious as evacuation of foreign stuff runs on high priority and even the ‘Ronald Reagan’ had turned away 100 miles from the Japanese Coast already yesterday before the 2nd and 3rd explosion.

IN the mean time under the distraction of Japan Saudi military has invaded Bahrain – an act of war and the overwhelmed Obama, Clinton puppet show has no idea how to deal with the mess in the Middle East – I am not implying that Reps would do a better job in DC you may found mostly incompetent hoaxters who just serve the purpose to run the country for Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

excerpt from

Melting Cores & Failing Markets

The world is, hate to say it, being ‘snookered’ by Japan.  As in “bamboozled, beguiled, bluffed, buffaloed, burned.. and the list goes on here.  The charade of “everything is normal” is just not so and much of the media is complicit in the act by failing to demand lots of data – not just the government sanitized figures.  Reading at altitudes would be nice, for example, because that way the “winds pushing stuff out to sea” which runs the risk of entering the jet stream, could be properly evaluated.  The markets today are starting the discounting process to factor that possibility into market prices.


Understating the seriousness of three reactors in meltdown alert is unconscionable.   The data from the International Atomic Energy Agency is this (pay attention to the highlighted data):

“At 00:00 UTC on 15 March a dose rate of 11.9 millisieverts (mSv) per hour was observed. Six hours later, at 06:00 UTC on 15 March a dose rate of 0.6 millisieverts (mSv) per hour was observed.

These observations indicate that the level of radioactivity has been decreasing at the site.

As reported earlier, a 400 millisieverts (mSv) per hour radiation dose observed at Fukushima Daiichi occurred between units 3 and 4. This is a high dose-level value, but it is a local value at a single location and at a certain point in time. The IAEA continues to confirm the evolution and value of this dose rate. It should be noted that because of this detected value, non-indispensible staff was evacuated from the plant, in line with the Emergency Response Plan, and that the population around the plant is already evacuated.

About 150 persons from populations around the Daiichi site have received monitoring for radiation levels. The results of measurements on some of these people have been reported and measures to decontaminate 23 of them have been taken. The IAEA will continue to monitor these developments.

Evacuation of the population from the 20 kilometre zone is continuing.

The Japanese have asked that residents out to a 30 km radius to take shelter indoors.Japanese authorities have distributed iodine tablets to the evacuation centres but no decision has yet been taken on their administration.

Not time to take potassium iodide by any stretch, but having a stock is a good thing.


We have a source, who we can only identify as an expat highly placed editor in Japanese media who has informed us of the (criminal) charade going on.


On Tuesday, his key Japanese media outlet, while reporting on the “situation being in hand” was quickly evacuating its staff to either Hong Kong, or Sydney, Australia.  He was given a timeframe in which to gather critical data for the media’s product and was to be helicoptered to an island in southern Japan where a corporate plane would move him – and other members of this key media outlet – to foreign shores.


All the while his publication was reporting “normal” conditions for the populace.  So first point:  Japanese media are complicit in the cover-up of the data.


Yet, even this morning, there are reports from the MSM that parrot government official claims that radiation levels at the plant’s front gate would not harm humans.


Yet, as anyone who has studied plumes knows, radiation is not an upwind phenomena and the Japanese have not released levels on all sides of the plant.  It would be like having a forest fire in Utah, reporting upwind of it in Nevada, that the situation is well in hand, while the smoke chokes people in Colorado or New Mexico!


The lack of believable reporting is wearing thin.


Our next data point is what we light-heartedly call our “consulting reactor engineer” who runs a small-medium research reactor here in the US and offers this:

“Hi George,

Not telling you anything you don’t know, but we have entered worst-case territory for the reactor types at Fukushima Daiichi. For those of us in North America, this does not mean it is time to take those KI tablets, but here’s hoping your Japanese readers had heeded your call to stock up.

FYI, here is a quick reference for you when discussing radiation dose. We in the U.S. use the term “rem” or, more commonly, “millirem,” to describe dose. In Japan and Europe their unit for absorbed dose is the “sievert” or more commonly the “millisievert.” Also, be aware that most of the numbers being reported are in amount of dose per hour – this is important.

1 sievert (Sv) = 100 rem (100 rem is a very large dose to take all at once) 1 millisievert (mSv) = 100 mrem

For reference, most studies show that the human body shows noticeable changes in response to radiation at ~10 rem (0.1 sv or 100 msv). In the U.S. radiation workers can take 5 rem total dose over the course of a year (during normal work conditions).

For reference, at the plant, there was a reading of 400 mSv, so equating to 40 rem in an hour. Not good.

This has gone deep into “worst case” territory. Far deeper than I expected. The language for Clif’s “radioactive volcanoes” is certainly in place.

Confirming our claim that contamination aloft is key is a report that units of the US 7th Fleet have pulled back to keep down exposure levels.  Oh, and 17 crewmembers off helos have been contaminated. Contamination aloft is critical data.

Since we are not getting the “straight scoop” on the potential for the linguistically predicted  “radioactive volcanoes” to go off, should cores continue to melt – now a high probability circumstance – we see in overnight trading across global markets stark confirmation that our “worst-case” financial outcome we’ve been discussing since the event occurred is slowly, but continuously, evolving.


In Peoplenomics last weekend, I asserted that things would turn worse than reported and today we can see that in overnight trading the Japan Nikkei 225 droped nearly 11 percent.


Apparently, traders in Japan have the same kinds of sources we do – so while the Japanese public is being snookered, the big money is cashing out and blowing town in droves.

We can also see in this event, evidence of Gary Lammert’s predict “Albino White Swan” beginning to appear.  Or, if you don’t want to admit to the possibility of a working fractal macroeconomic predictive method, it may be a little more comforting to think of this as a distant outlier event that is driven by the meltdown issues, not by global system instability caused by excessively high debt levels and the problem of nonlinear compounding.






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