friday brainsorming

1. The rumor turned out to be true as we had massive G7 intervention last night for a weaker YEN which drove overnight the Nikkei up and US futures to the crucial levels , as for SPX 1280 and NDX 2250 equivalent. Also the No Fly Zone was announced by the UN which drove crude oil well above 100 again and it looks more upside is due for the black gold. We are heading for a volatile Friday and WE as Japan has restored some back up lines to deliver power to the cooling system and if they can be successful will be seen the next days as the implementation of the  zone will cause some Gaddafi rage. The ‘super’ Full Moon this weekend will create some volatility and drama as it is opposed by Uranus.

Looking at the Dollar index ( chart later today ) I get a very uncomfy hunch that a crash will happen later this year for the Dollar once the QE3 is announced.


We Are Off To The Races: BOJ Intervenes In FX Market, Sends Nikkei Surging As G7 Agree On Plaza Accord V2

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/17/2011 20:07 -0400

And we are off. The JPYUSD is up nearly 200 pips as the Bank of Japan buys billions in dollars, using freshly printed Yen, following an agreement with the G7 which will likely see a new plaza accord to keep the Yen low despite ongoing repatriation. This follows earlier news that the BOJ will underwrite a ¥10 trillion in earthquake recovery bonds as Japan is now lurching from one monetization step to another. Keep an eye out for intervention aftershocks as the BOJ now can not allow the USDJPY to drop below 80 or it will be all over. This is what global reflation gone nuts looks like. On the other hand, if the BOJ fails to keep the USDJPY above 80 following this action, and the inflows of yen are far greater than anyone expected, most certainly the G7, then we have big problems. Next up: Armageddon 2: the Sequel, in which the Chairsatan, Trichet, Shirikawa, King, and Hildebrand dig a deep hole in Haley’s commet, in order to save the earth, only something goes horribly wrong and everyone blows up in a nuclear fireball. The end.



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