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Some insights from a fellow astrologer – bottom line though is that the Full Moon (‘super’ as its very close to earth) will have quite an dramatic effect. the next days. Plus after the heliocentric Jupiter Saturn opposition on the 23rd Feb. which last time about 20 years ago triggered a 25% correction is followed on the 28th March by a geocentric opposition. We can expect some dramatic volatility and new lows til end of the month though they will try to do some window dressing but hard to accomplish with an imminent Libya strike by Nato forces and deteriorating Japan situation.


Last summer witnessed one of the most powerful planetary configurations in a lifetime: the Cardinal Climax. Mars and Saturn had just entered 0 degrees Libra, in opposition toJupiter and Uranus in 0-3 degrees of Aries, all in T-square to Pluto at 3 degrees of Capricorn. Thus 0-3 degrees of cardinal signs would be “highly charged” well into the future with the nature of those planets in the Cardinal Climax of last summer. It would be as if a planet is transiting in hard aspect to all of those planets when it enters 0-3 cardinal signs. In fact, one could extend that zodiac range from 27 degrees of mutable through 3 degrees of cardinal, because the 45-year Saturn-Uranus opposition (part of the Cardinal Climax) took place there as well.

You may remember at that time—late July through mid-August 2010—four major things happened: 1) the Financial Regulatory Reform Act was passed, 2) the Federal Reserve decided to launch QE2, thus surprising market participants who did not anticipate this, 3) Russia announced that it would load nuclear fuel rods into Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr, enhancing Iran’s nuclear ambitions against the wishes of much of the rest of the world, and 4) Russia (and much of Europe) suffered a great drought that caused wheat prices (and all grains) to soar. There were also deadly floods in Pakistan and China. Many astrologers were disappointed (from an astrological point, not from any lack of concern for humanity) that more serious calamities or a financial meltdown did not manifest. But last weekend, March 11-12, Uranus ingressed back into Aries, thus touching off these highly charged degrees of the Cardinal Climax from the summer of 2010. As the ingress took place, the most powerful earthquake in the history of Japan and a devastating tsunami wreaked huge damage. As the weekprogressed, nuclear reactors began spewing out radiation over the area, creating an even greater potential crisis than the tsunami.

This weekend (March 19-20) now finds the Full Moon within a day or two of the spring equinox and conjunct Uranus (with the Sun, that is), again in this powerfully charged 0 degree point of cardinal signs. The Full Moon actually occurs around 29 degrees of Virgo-Pisces, and on Monday, March 21, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 0 Aries, but it is all part of this “highly charged” zodiac zone from last summer’s powerful planetary configuration. Whether a further crisis erupts is unknown, but with Uranus returning to 0-3 degrees of Aries, critical situations could last into early June and new ones could arise. Watch especially the first week of April when Mars ingresses into Aries, nearby to the next Mercury retrograde zone (March 30-April 22).

Another important point to consider is this: the Federal Reserve Board’s natal Sun-Pluto opposition is at 0-1 of Capricorn-Cancer, which are cardinal signs. Thus the Fed is due to be back in the news shortly. Will there be yet another effort to eliminate the Fed by June? It is possible.



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