2. The same insanity once again market rises with no volumes just some short cover plus some FED sponsored HFT market manipulation buyers. Anyway the market tested the 55 MA yesterday and should turn around today and break and close below 1285 to confirm we are done with the upside today. Astrology gives us a trouble time towards weekend which should start slowly to impact markets. A dangerous time for shorts will be around the next New Moon at 3rd April as that is the date the current correction should come to an end and make the low probably until May but up to then we should make new lows rather.

NDX tested the gap at 2270 yesterday and as long as its not closed the short trade remains the right thing after we tested the H&S target on the downside at 2185 we had quite a recovery but for now the next wave down should start and bring the NDX close to 2100 within 2 weeks.

Volume Is Back…To Abysmal

Tyler Durden's picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/21/2011 16:26 -0400

To all the sophisticated technical and fundamental analysts out there, we have some simple time and money saving tips. When the volume in the market plunges like today, the market will surge. End of story, no more ‘sophisticated’ analysis needed. As the charts below show, after exploding in the beginning of last week, purely due to various mutual and hedge funds succumbing to the dreaded affliction known as “selling”, volume has since plummeted allowing the HFTs to step right back in with the vapor melt up program on full tilt. Should volume spike again the robots will pull the fake bids and the market will plunge once again. And to all who continue to trade this exclusively headline driven market, where one wrong word can shut down the entire HFT churn/scalp crew, we once again express our condolences.

Cumulative divergence from average.

And daily volume. Lowest since February 14


~ by behindthematrix on March 22, 2011.

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