wednesday brainstorming

1. Japan estimates now damage of at least 300 bil. – I think they still do not get the real costs as the food and water contamination spreads inflation will be  even more expensive plus the healthcare costs over the next decades will be even more severe just to give you one idea below the cost of 9 months breast-cancer treatment of 225k

What Does It Cost to Have Cancer?

February 23rd, 2007

We all hear that cancer is big business, involving expensive treatment, but how expensive is it exactly?

I was recently reviewing my medical expenses for last year and was shocked at the numbers. I decided to share them to give my readers an idea of what cancer treatment can really cost. Keep in mind that this is nine months of treatment for early-stage breast cancer in a 40-year old woman with a strong family history. All treatment was provided at cancer centers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Total cost of care billed:  $224,725

multiple that with 1 mio over 2 years that makes 450 bil. just to have a rough idea.

This could easily be 5 mio citizens over 5 years as well with Tokio so close we are talking risk of 30-40 mio people.


TOKYO—The Japanese government said Wednesday damage from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the northeast region on March 11 would be more than double the cost of the Kobe earthquake, raising the possibility that the economy may contract in the first half of fiscal year that starts April 1.

The total cost from collapse or damage to houses, factories and social infrastructure like roads and bridges would be a maximum of ¥25 trillion ($309 billion) over the next three fiscal years compared with about ¥10 trillion damage from the Kobe quake in 1995. The estimated figure covers seven prefectures of the hardest-hit areas of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, as well as Hokkaido, Aomori, Ibaraki, and Chiba.

Besides this, the damage caused by a halt of shipments of intermediate products from the quake-hit areas to the rest of the nation would be estimated at ¥250 billion over the first half of fiscal 2011.

2. Market looks like the wave 4 up is done but we need to see how it acts today to have a final clue but the impression created by the MSM that everything was smoother in Libya and Japan was a wrong evaluation or one could say usual propaganda banter. The no fly zone will not do the trick as long as Gaddafi commands over 144 tons of Gold and billions of Dollar to buy mercenaries and Chinese or Russian weapons the poorly equiped and not really unified rebel tribes will have a hard time beating them. Some people will enjoy the high oil prices in the mean time as it costs the global population spending power and will drag economies down as the dictators in Arab with Russian oligarchs countries get richer.

Euro is about to make a temporary high in the 1.42-3 area and pull back to at least 1.37 but the real problem is that US government with the FED is pumping up a stock bubble while sucking out any Dollar value which is poised to crash once QE3 gets announced. Globaly investors get sucked in into negative interest rates as inflation is far higher than any interest paid which will amount to insane losses at some point.


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