tuesday brainstorming

Due to technical problems no update was delivered on Monday but no real surprises except for an odd Monday as no Merger- Monday event was produced at the Jupiter /Saturn clash day.

1. Monday was as expected a downday or a typical 6 count and on record low volume – I suspect that the ‘pool’ who runs this bull campaign will mark a good quarter up result in order to keep the bullish piggypacking herd on course as they need someone to unload the stuff on during the next weeks.

For now we can expect the next 2-3 days being up before another round of profit taking should hit next week even starting Friday as the job numbers produced by the Obama bankster puppets ar already set to be high – hence less room for upside surprises.

The situation is Libya goes as astrology has set up, Gadaffi still on a ‘lucky’ streak ( as he will survive for a few more weeks in power or alive) for the overall situation as the Nato is split how to proceed as the ‘No Fly Zone ‘ will not do the trick but we can be sure that some black ops unit are involved as well.

Japan goes worse as some cores seem to be damaged and radiation has reached severe levels with plent harm done for health but that will only show over years as the real facts are covered up by corrupt politicians.


President Obama’s “Target Libya” Speech Summarized In One Picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/28/2011 19:57 -0400

Presented without comment
excerpt 2

China Detects Radiation Over Southeast Coastal Areas As Asahi Reports Of Holes In Reactor Pressure Vessels 1, 2 And 3

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/28/2011 12:22 -0400

Radiation damage control now shifts over to the granddaddy of all free media China, where Xinhua has just reported a “tiny amount of radioactive material in the air over the nation’s southeastern coastal areas” has been detected. But not to worry: just like in Japan and everywhere else in the world, this radiation is of the special “Ann Coulter” variety which actually boosts one’s natural healthy glow and facilitates a prompt chromosome doubling courtesy of supposedly uber-benign mutation, and after all: more is better, so surely 92 chromosomes is much better than just 46 diploid pairs: “Xinhua quoted China’s Nuclear Emergency Coordination Commission as saying that the radioactive level detected does not affect human health and no preventive measures are necessary.” And courtesy of EX-SKF, we now learn that TEPCO is once again doing all it can to massage disclosure and delay the release of potentially unpalatable data, after the Asahi Shinbun only recently announced that the Pressure vessels in reactors 1, 2 and 3 may have holes confirming everybody’s worst fears of full blown release of radioactive particles in the environment.

~ by behindthematrix on March 29, 2011.

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