The DOW month chart shows a 7 and 12 count – with a green 9 or monthly 13 in combination will end the trend very likely given other parameters and the fundamental fact that QE2 is about to end. We will likely make new highs in April and test the 12500-700 area before a decline to 11000-500 will be due. The risk is rather for a 87 kind of crash at anytime after April. For now a retest of the 11800-1200 level is due early April before the bull campaign pool will ride the market up again as they need a broader volume to dump stocks. This invincible bull market hype they create with all the turmoil around the world happens with no volume as there is no real participation except for highly leveraged hedge funds as they have reached the 3rd highest leverage which always happens close to highs as they play the hot patatoe game with the Bernanke put.


~ by behindthematrix on March 30, 2011.

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