thursday brainstorming

1. All quiet at the western front – despite Europe at the brink of disaster, Japan having a home made Hiroshima/Chernobyl trauma with serious economic implications besides the human tragedy and Nobel peace prize winning Obama supporting another oil war (Libya) – one wonders why he does not supply weapons to protestors Syria,Yemen or Bahrain or even Palestinia ( well not really ). Quite obvious who runs governments no options for questions left as they do not dare to hide it anymore.

The banksters have  made with Republicans all financial regulation obsolete and proven how useless any government is these days as the party does not make a difference. A secret account in Swiss or Singapore is also not important anymore as one can bribe the guys publicaly these days. Clinton got 150k per day ( or pop for so called speeches ) that way he made 100 mio after paying off his legal bills of at least 20 mio. Greenspan pretty much the same without legal bills and Bernanke is heading for a bright well paid future as ‘advisor’ and speaker.

David Sokol got to greedy it seems making a quick extra 3 mio with insider trading at his fixer job for Buffet – guess Buffet did not pay him the share he thought he would deserve. Insider giants like J. Mack former CEO of Morgan Stanley get away with everything as he was a top supporter of Ms Clinton and if she had won be Secretary of the Treasury but the same is true for Paulson from Goldman who abused his position by all means.


For all those still confused about the David Sokol thought process on Lubrizol, Keith McCullough from HedgeEye summarizes it best:

  1. Buy it in my PA
  2. Pitch Buffett
  3. Meet w/ the CEO
  4. Pitch Buffett again
  5. Buffett buys it
  6. Profit

2. Here one of the reasons for the bull campaign as they want to flood the market with overpriced IPO’s and merger deals as Harvard trained CEO’s only buy at the top of the market to keep the dice rolling.


Prada Said to File for IPO Aiming for $10.7 Billion Valuation


~ by behindthematrix on March 31, 2011.

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