DOW update

The count structure is very obvious now as the market price action fits into the QE2 motivation – as the current downleg was a wave 4 down in bigger wave C up and we have entered wave 5 which will bring new highs for the DOW mostly as tech will lack after all planets are out of Aquarius. One of the dominant sectors should be oil for this final run which will take a few weeks. In case of the DOW we need 3 higher weekly closes for the SPX its even 4 higher weekly closes. DOW target is the 13700 -800 area for the SPX we will have to look for 1370-80 as well.. It will be a volatile ride though as some events will bring brief sell offs  -one should be this week . Thursdays first rate hike of the ECB although widely expected could be one trigger as that day Plut o goes stationary we can also expect another exogenic shock like an earthquake or any other  force might come up with an unpleasant surprise with a Mars Pluto square coming up.

~ by behindthematrix on April 4, 2011.

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