5. Here we have some of the drivers of the current wave 5 up due to the reshuffle of the NDX100


The companies receiving the biggest boost are Microsoft, Intel, Google and Oracle. Microsoft will jump from a 3.4 percent share of the index to 8.3 percent, while Google will move from a 4.2 percent share to 5.8 percent. Intel’s share will grow from 1.6 percent to 4.2 percent and Oracle’s portion of the index will more than double from 3.3 percent to 6.7 percent.


6. Very pathetic threat from the Saudis which motivates Iran and Russia even more to make that claim reality – it is only a matter of time until the pressure on the Saudis will be so big that they even make drastic changes or vanish – since Obama can not with elections being kicked off explain to any voter why they would defend those dictators and go after others as it happens right now.


Saudi Arabia Goes M.A.D.: Saudi Oil Minister Says Crude To Hit $300 If Turmoil Spreads To Saudi

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/05/2011 08:45 -0400

The strategy of Mutual Assured Destruction has worked so well in the “developed” world (thank you Hank Paulson, Tim Jeethner, Clearinghouse Association et al), it is time to see it in application in the “developing.” In an attempt to preempt US doubts about intervening (on the proper side) in the case of escalations in Saudi Arabia (and with the possibility of Yemen becoming a potential Al Qaeda hotbed rising by the hour, this is non-trivial) the former Saudi oil minister Sheikh Zaki Yamani told Reuters on Tuesday that “Oil prices could leap to $200 to $300 a barrel if Saudi Arabia is hit by serious political unrest.” We are confident he was merely talking in a very, very hypothetical scenario. After all why scaremonger in a world in which everything is under control?




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