part 3

4. As mentioned earlier the energies which are at work with Pluto stationary (indication for earthquakes as well) and Mars going into a square a war can break out and we get the first indication from Israel.


Netanyahu Spokesman Says War May Break Out Between Israel And Gaza As Early As Tonight

with oil above 110 now Brent is far higher we have also reached the threshold of the FED as all the cooked numbers for an official low inflation are now beyond being pathetic as it is basically a criminal act of fraud. Afterall pension payments rely in various ways on real inflation. Thats a different story though as the next days carry exceptionally high danger with the above mentioned Astro pattern.

SPX has almost tested the highs and is running out of steam right now a brief pullback even to 1300 looks very likely.



~ by behindthematrix on April 7, 2011.

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