friday brainstorming

1. The money printing of the FED  puts the world into a dangerous situation as prices of commodities keep rising and have reached thresholds which will bring protests soon even in developed countries against their corrupt and useless governments. This crashes the Dollar at the same time as it now broke through an important support as I will show in a chart later today. By June the markets will be set up at a very dangerous crash spot produced by moronic or evil Bernanke and this jet-setting Obama boys who have no clue about economics. Obama  has helped to rob the Middle class by a bigger extend than many other puppets before him. The real value of their savings deteriorates at a bigger speed now as America is now at record levels for foodstamps which shows that Obama has done no good at all except for banksters and a few more of his Harvard fellows. We are on our way to WW3 as the only endgame of this hazardous actions is to through Manistreet into a war before they lynch the elitists.


And In The Meantime, The Adjusted Monetary Base….

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/07/2011 19:29 -0400

…is up by $51 billion in two weeks. But, once again, before people freak out that this is some crazy scheme to flood the market with money (nothing crazy about that scheme: it has been going on for 2 years), keep in mind: this is merely the delayed catch up of the SFP program unwind and the ongoing increase in Treasury holdings by the Federal Reserve Capital, ULC. Nonetheless, it is disturbing that the gradual phase out in the build up of the Adjusted Monetary Base, exclusively due to the rise in Excess Bank Reserves, is still proceeding at a 100%+ CAGR.



As China Raises Fuel Prices For Second Time in 2011, WTI Passes $111

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/07/2011 23:49 -0400

The ongoing total decimation of the dollar is sending everything that still has value through the roof. Case in point: WTI which just passed $111 for the first time since 2008. And with Brent waiting with open arms at $125 it is only a matter of time before gas prices in the US will make the teleprompter advise anyone who doesn’t have Discount Window access to trade in their inline 4 for the “Wealth Effect.” In the meantime, a centrally planned China was just forced to hike gas prices for only the second time in 2011 (lucky them): “April 7, China, Asia’s largest oil consumer, raised retail prices of gasoline and diesel for the second time this year, starting Thursday, as international crude oil prices continue rising, China Business News reported on Thursday. The benchmark retail price for gasoline will rise by RMB 500 a metric ton on April 7 and that for diesel will increase by RMB 400, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), said on Wednesday. According to several energy information institutions, the retail price of 90# gasoline will rise by 5.63% to RMB 9,380 per tonne, and that of 0# diesel will gain 4.9% to RMB 8,530 per tonne, the paper said.” Bottom line – pretty soon the entire WTI curve will be in backwardation.



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