part 2

2. This moronic Bernanke is destroying wealth and can be considered an economic terrorist but that is not really to be fixed on the person but rather on the ones running the FED which is not a real government entity and violates plenty rules especially when it comes to creating  money but they are fully supported by the US government and most of Congress,  Senate (are part of this sinister conspiracy). They all lie about economic data and bend the rules, actually in some cases ignore them to put it polite. The worst part is there is no way out of this bubble but by a global war as rising food prices alone are reason for war ( that is a historic fact). Actually with the elections in 2012 no one should go and vote for any of this rotten corrupt politicians who sit in DC right now as this DC does not serve the people. As Lincoln who was once killed for opposing the FED said its the right of the people to overthrow any government which does not serve them which is true for most (almost all) governments right now not just the Arabic dictators. Interestingly enough the stars are aligning for exact that to happen the next 3 years as Uranus in Aries( which is the most aggressive quest for freedom and justice) will square Pluto in Capricorn (that is rather tyrannic power). A clash is due of the rotten polycratic elitist world with the broad masses and the structure as we knew it will not survive over the next years – thats not optional as just one exampel the Independance war of America was fought under similar energies.


Marc Faber: “Everything Is Going Up. Only At The Federal Reserve Is There No Inflation”

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/08/2011 08:55 -0400

Marc Faber was on CNBC earlier, once again discussing things so patently obvious only the Fed can not grasp them. Namely that as long as cheap money floods the system hard assets will continue rising in value, and gold will continue surging. Which is merely part of the bigger picture: nominal prices continue rising as real prices, denominated in paper and linen, continue to decline. But have no fear: Bernanke can fix everything in 15 minutes. Only that’s total BS: “One day they will increase it by a quarter percent. But what does it mean when commodity prices are going through the roof, energy prices are going up, health care costs are going up, insurance premiums are going up?” Somehow, Bernanke believes, a hike will immediately undo months and years of downstream costs progressing through the system. And surely subprime is contained… As for the proverbial gold bubble: “If it were a bubble a lot of people would have gold. The whole world would be trading gold 24 hours a day. But I don’t think it’s really a bubble. I think gold is maybe cheaper today than it was in 1999, when it was $252.” Oddly enough nobody mentions that gold is the only market that is now not part of the Fed’s central planning “wealth effect” mandate (and the price suppression mandate is failing by the day): surging gold prices are an indication of one thing only: the market’s desire to impose its own gold standard at a mark to market price equivalent for dollar destruction. It is this aspect of the metal: to correlate with Fed stupidity, that makes it such an attractive investment. And since Fed stupidity is endless, does it mean gold’s fair value is infinite?

Also very enjoyable is the discussion of entitlement benefits beginning at the 7 minute mark.

Must watch.

Full clip (link).




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