wednesday brainstorming

1. As expected most of the reported retail sales increases went to gasoline purchases hence the hidden inflation starts to run and the old master of deception Greenspan who tried to manipulate poeple to the core inflation bullshit is proven wrong again by anyone who can count to 3. As I wrote yesterday that will pull the economy even offically into the second phase of the depression.


March Retail Sales At 0.4%, Below Expectations, Down From 1.1% In February; Ex-Autos And Gas Slightly Better

March retail sales which came at 0.4%, below expectations of 0.5%, and down from an upward revised 1.1% February, confirm that the economy in Q1 slowed down materially toward the end, and was certainly not as hot as had been predicted early in 2011. This was the lowest improvement since June 2010. The number was offset by the “ex autos and gas” number which came at 0.6%, better than expected, although with ever more capital being diverted to gas purchases this is cold comfort to those who have to use gas. The biggest weakness was in auto sales which dropped by a substantial 1.7%. Retail sales increased a modest 0.3% (and retail and food total up 0.4%). Gasoline stations saw another sizable increase of 2.6% sequentially and 16.7% from a year earlier. Food and beverage stores were among the weakest posting just a 0.1% increase in March.
2. JPM started with a better earnings cheat-shit number as they are also hidding plenty of losses.

JPM Reports $1.28 EPS On $1.15 Consensus… However $0.29 Is From Reduced Credit Card Loan Loss Reserves

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/13/2011 07:13 -0400

And so the loan loss reserve accounting game continues. JPM just reported earnings of a solid $1.28/share for Q1 2011, generated by net revenue of $25.8 billion (a decreased of $2.4 billion from a year ago). This would have been enough to push the stock substantially higher… if only $0.29 of this “beat” was not from a purely accounting benefit from reduced credit card loan loss reserves. Now the only question is how much of this credit card improvement is from credit card holders paying their credit card cards instead of their mortgage (and with a $50 billion annual squatters rent benefit this is not a trivial question). Considering that JPM announced a $650 million expense for estimated costs of foreclosure-related matters our guess is “a lot.” Per Jamie Dimon: ” “Retail Financial Services demonstrated good underlying performance, while we continued to invest in building branches and adding to our sales force. However, this performance was more than offset by the extraordinarily high losses we still are bearing on mortgage-related issues.(a) Unfortunately, these losses will continue for a while. Rest assured, we are fully engaged in fixing our problems and addressing our mistakes from the past, and we will strive to build the best mortgage business going forward.””




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