brainstorming thursday

1. The gods must be really angry with Japan another 6 quake today shaking Tokio, while 20 km radius parameter around Fukushima was banned from entry. Which brings un to another financial Tsunami event- Japan is selling foreign assets at a 5 times standard deviation, which will make the Yen rise once again for the ones who missed the Yen short trade this will deliver an entry point the next days.


“Five Sigma” Evidence Of Japanese Repatriation: Meet The Country That Sold The World

Tyler Durden's picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/21/2011 07:30 -0400

Courtesy of Sean Corrigan, we share this stunning chart of Japanese relative buying/selling of foreign stocks denominated in USD (and thus subsequently needing to be converted to JPY). Having swung in what is largely a one standard deviation range, in the last month the ratio of foreign buying to selling plummeted to the lowest in the past decade, and possibly ever: the relative dumping of foreign stock is easily the most pronounced five sigma event of recent times, and has been largely unnoticed. Want empirical evidence of repatriation? There you have it, in not one, not two, but five standard deviations. But don’t tell the G7, or Steve Liesman. There is no such thing as repatriation following the country’s biggest natural disaster in… ever.

2. Markets trade along the Apple / FED-put  trade and testing Bollinger bands with the Venus /Uranus spin .Next week though we have around mid week another short term distress pattern with some vry boiled up agressive passion as Venus also enters Aries. That will rather drive military confrontations  or protest around the world to heated levels.

With have entered the final stage of this manipulation campaign and we will see some new highs in the DOW and SPX with targets remaining around 12700 and 1380 within 4-*5 weeks. Ndx should fall back after the Apple hype is over since the weighting will be reduced drastically early May for Apple. Apple itself is not an expensive stock though trading around 15 times earnings as the IPAD 2 just has started but the risk is rather that Jobs has created a momentum which might carry the stock for 12 months if he does not return – medium term without him they will lose some of their edge.


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