3. Chinese foreign policy going into higher gear positioning themselves for cold warfare it seems with the help of a so called US ally which makes it even more weird and questions the foreign policy of Obama. Who has announced Panetta current secret services boss to become Gates sucessor and Gen. Patraeus will become boss of the secret services. Obama and Clinton have lost the grip as the US influence keeps deteriorating in international affairs with the dramatic changes in the Middle East and a power gaining China. Well after all Karzai’s sympathy depends very much on cash flows as billions have been paid from US taxpayers and part of it went into Karzai’s Swiss accounts , China will have to at least match those ‘arguments’. I only wonder why Afganistan is so precious for them must be more than the biggest producer of drugs which is barely worth 1 tril in war expenses.


Karzai Told to Dump U.S.

Pakistan is lobbying Afghanistan’s president against building a long-term strategic partnership with the U.S., urging him instead to look to Pakistan—and its Chinese ally—for help in striking a peace deal with the Taliban and rebuilding the economy.

4. Markets trade higher, even Amazon trades higher on weaker earnings with a PE around 100 which is basically insane based on nothing else but the terroristic and sarcastic act of the FED to destroy the basis of The US economy – its credibility. Printing money and manipulating markets is not the duty of the FED nor does it help the USA to survive medium or long term. We will see a a pullback though after the FED announcement today for a few days before the insane campaign resumes without real investors as one can see in the table below retail investors are actually pulling money out of funds.


Estimated Flows to Long-Term Mutual Funds
Millions of dollars
3/16/2011 3/23/2011 3/30/2011 4/6/2011 4/13/2011
Total Equity 275 -1,448 1,246 2,142 834
Domestic -1,654 -2,503 347 -644 495
Foreign 1,929 1,055 899 2,786 340
Hybrid 1,220 1,238 1,526 1,236 1,655
Total Bond 2,875 2,334 3,086 5,212 2,413
Taxable 3,493 2,904 3,548 6,061 3,581
Municipal -618 -570 -462 -849 -1,167
Total 4,369 2,124 5,858 8,590 4,903


~ by behindthematrix on April 27, 2011.

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