brainstorming wednesday

1. All this Greece bailout talk is not about Greece at all – it is another  multi-trillion EURO bailout of banks but mostly European banks but at the end they all depend on each other. Soon another Goldman will run the ECH as Draghi was a very high ranking partner and is anyway part of the cabal. Trichet is as well but the inside for Goldman will improve. The rising commodity prices are especially lethal for the weaker EU countries as they suffer already from the austerity measures bu on top the rising prices kill more of the buying power therefor naturally the best thing for Greece would be to exit the EU and go on the Argentina path but he corrupt politicans will not allow that to happen as they prefer the regular taxpayer  to cover the losses of banks.


Greece Stages Another 24 Hour Strike (Complete With Teargas) As European Officials Arrive To Enhance Austerity: Live Webcam From Constitution Square

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/11/2011 07:33 -0400

On the one year anniversary of its first bailout, things in Europe’s basket case are getting much worse once again. Even as senior EU and IMF inspectors arrived in Athens on Wednesday to press Greece to shore up its finances, workers walked off the job to protest against austerity-induced recession, culminating in a 24 hour strike which sees both airports and journalists taking a break from hard work. Oddly ironic this: the “bankers” arrive to make austerity even more aggressive (so there is more value left over to senior bondholders when the bankruptcy commences), just as the country experiences a deja vu moment of strikers on one side and teargas lobbing policemen on the other. Those who wish to follow the protests live, which so far the mainstream media has refused to show, can do so here.
2. Markets start with a breather today but should continue to the upside later today – an interesting remark from Forbes is the claimed return to a Gold standard within 5 years ( which implies another confiscation ?!).

~ by behindthematrix on May 11, 2011.

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