Nuclear threat ( rather disaster happening)- which the governments are trying to hide

2. May be they killed one Bin Ladin but this 1000 masterminds could not have produced and the transperancy Obama is hiding it. Bin Ladin death might rather be the distraction from this nuclear disaster.


ALERT: Emergency Levels Of Japan Nuclear Radiation Found In Forecasts Censored From Public

The Intel Hub
By Alexander Higgins  Contributing Writer
May 12th,2 011

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Contrary to previous reports that NILO has stopped making Japan nuclear radiation forecasts, the forecasts are still being produced, they are just not being released to the public.

Nuclear radiation forecasts discovered today on the site show emergency levels of radiation in the latest forecasts censored from the public.

Japan recently announced a massive censorship campaign to silence so-called “irresponsible rumors” about the nuclear radiation being released from Fukushima. Japan’s weather chief also censored radiation forecasts to “prevent panic in ordinary people.”

The news of censorship in Japan was coupled with an announcement that the United States would helpJapan in silencing irresponsible rumors. The first course of action the US took was to stop all daily nuclear radiation monitoring of milk, drinking water and rainwate r instead opting to do radiation tests once every three months.

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Those announcements were followed by news that the Norwegian Air Institute (NILO) shut down their program to product radiation forecasts. While forecasts haven’t been publicly accessible on the NILO site for some time, several YouTube users have discovered that NILO is in fact still producing radiation forecasts.

In fact, radiation forecasts produced just today have been discovered on a separate area on of the NILO site along with other forecasts showing radiation at emergency levels.

Censored Japan Nuclear Iodine Radiation Forecasts Show Levels Up To 400 BQ /m2 throughout North AmericaCensored Japan Nuclear Iodine Radiation Forecasts Show Levels Up To 400 BQ /m2 throughout North America

Massive Column Of High Levels of Cesium Radiation Moving Through Canada and Alasak

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