Monday brainstorming

1. Lets start with a randomly financial matter as DSK ( Strauss-Kahn) was arrested this weekend for sexual assault on a hotel maid. First I checked his character traits and he is capable of doing what he was accused of not only once as his astro profile has a Sun/Venus conjunction square to Pluto which means he can force himself on others with the Venus component also on sexual matters. Second he has a Moon / Uranus square which makes his temper uncontrollable at sometimes. 3rd he has his Mars in Aries in square to Jupiter which makes him very forceful ( good for athlets) and without boundaries on the dark side. Interestingly the timing fits perfectly as the Venus Pluto square was activated by a Mars transit this weekend and the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio tomorrow triggers a self-destructive square with his Pluto / Saturn midpoint. The odds are very high that he did try to rape the maid as this was anyway not the first time it seems that is something we will hear the next days and weeks.

2 Last weeks finish clearly indicates that a substantial top is in the very final stage as the prior weeks reversal was confirmed. Now we have  2 possible ways it can play out first is still another test of the highs within the next 2 weeks before the downtrend starts ( which is a bit more likely) – the above mentioned DSK arrest will have its effect as well since DSK was the big bailout advocate and todays negotiations with Greece will be effected.

The less likely scenario is we start right away with the downtrend and futures are a bit softer this morning but also some astro events coming up the next days rather favor the first scenario plus the upcoming option expiration this week.


Equity markets behaved very much according to geocosmics too. That is, most stocks indices of the world rose into the favorable Venus-Jupiter conjunction of May 11, and then sold off immediately afterwards. Foreign currencies did the same relative to the U.S. Dollar. But Venus-Jupiter is not that strong a correlation to major reversals in financial markets. It is important, but the ones coming up this week are much more powerful.

Short-Term Geocosmics

The “Asset Inflation Express” is nearing the end of the line—at least for a while. The engine of this financial windfall has been Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. In late March through early May, they were joined in the fire sign of Aries by Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. By Monday, May 16, all except Jupiter and Uranus will have moved into the more cautious sign of Taurus. So, in typical Taurus fashion, the express will probably start to slow down. When Jupiter also moves into Taurus in early June, it may actually go into reverse, also something common for the stubborn bull. Push it too hard, and it retaliates. And no one likes the feeling of being gorged by the bull.

The period of May 20-23 stands out to students of financial astrology, for there are four important geocosmic signatures that unfold then. The first is Mars in waxingtrine to Pluto on May 20, a Level 1 signature with a 75% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 11 trading days. That’s high. The next day, May 21, Venus makes a waxing trine to Pluto, which is not quite as strong. It is a Level 2 signature. The next day, May 22, finds the Sun forming a waxing square to Neptune, which is another powerful Level 1 signature. This one has an 83% correlation to primary or greater cycles within11 trading days. That’s extremely high. And the next day, May 23, the very important conjunction of Venus and Mars takes place in Taurus. Besides the fact that this is great period for lovers, it is also another powerful Level 1 correlation to reversals in equities. It has a 71% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 13 trading days. Something big may be about to happen. Maybe this is the end of the line for the Asset Inflation Express. Or maybe it continues into Neptune turning retrograde on June 2. This signature has an astounding 86% correlation to primary or greater cycles within just 10 trading days, and has the extra advantage of occurring just one day before Jupiter ingresses from Aries into Taurus. That transit—Jupiter in Aries—is the prime engine of the Asset Inflation Express. When it moves into Taurus, it changes from an engine to a caboose, from the accelerator on the floor pad to the brake. Of course, it can take a couple of weeks before the speed is finally de-escalated. And you know what Capricorns think of de-escalation. We are trained for that type of approach.


~ by behindthematrix on May 16, 2011.

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