brainstorming thursday

1. Market defended the 1300 support for 48h but later today we will very likely drop again and test the 1300 level and even drop below it around Monday. China’s support for its PIG investments with big losses so far is one of the insane market behaviour examples – the market is always right just refers to the monetary consequences of a bet not the logic behind it. Early part of June will be up is also indicated by the Apple conference on the 6th where IOS 5 and very likely an Iphone 4S will be introduced as Apple has to present a double core run unit soon or is poised to loose market share as Android run competition is ahead this time. The question is rather can it deliver as the tablets sell as produced they are a production limiting effect – or Apple suffers from its own success. If Apple can not produce such a news the stocks will rather drop sharply.

2. No doubt that Ballmer has not made one good move since he runs the shop – Microsoft missed all the big moves of Apple and Google on the one hand and Oracle on the other. Microsoft is even on the brink to become a second tier company soon since the Nokia deal does not look like a silver bullet deal. Microsoft is always in the defense trying to catch up with others innovations and does even poor on the copycat. He has to go would be step one but they need a innovative leader as an important step 2 but it is likely something is about to happen as many Hedge Funds have loaded up on MSFT stocks.


Prominent hedge fund manager calls for Microsoft’s Ballmer to step down

By Josh Ong

Published: 01:30 AM EST

Influential hedge fund manager David Einhorn called Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “the biggest overhang” on the company’s stock at an investment conference on Wednesday, saying he should step aside and “give someone else a chance.”


~ by behindthematrix on May 26, 2011.

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