part 2

3. Seems to be a produced event this time to distract the people from the Credit ceiling vote which will not go through as America is still technically bankrupt.Or is it just  the season for sex scandals after DSK, Schwarzenegger, King Gustav and now Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, 74, chairman of El-Mex Salines Co.


The former chairman of Egypt’s Bank of Alexandria was charged with sexually abusing a maid at the Pierre Hotel in New York, police said.

Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, 74, chairman of El-Mex Salines Co., was arrested yesterday after a 44 year-old maid at the hotel alleged he attacked her May 29, New York police spokesman Officer Navarroh, who declined to provide his first name, said in a telephone interview. Omar was detained by police.

New York police were called to the Pierre hotel, in midtown Manhattan, after the maid informed security of an alleged incident when she went to Omar’s room after the former banker requested tissues. Police charged Omar with sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, forcible touch and harassment. Omar allegedly asked the maid for her telephone number and she gave a false one before leaving the room, police said.

4 . The  economic numbers today are rather in the horror – number category but the market is still up because Steve Jobs will present himself on the 6th the latest apple gadgets and the phony second bailout of Greece. The perversion of this market is getting weirder by the day which just increases the probability of a crash but right now the market focus is a bit to sceptical for a imminent one. It is purely manipulated and kept alive by the humangous liquidity injections of the FED., which are soon poised to end but even in case a QE^gets announced the Dollar will crash anyway – right now a broke Europe keeps competing with a broke Japan and USA which is the reason for the Gold price. We all need to praise Obama and his excellent bankster team all ahead Helicopter-Bernanke for the outstanding job – well they just did the last bit after all Clinton and Bush also deserve their place in the hall of shame.


Chicago PMI Plummets From 67.6 To 56.6, Biggest Monthly Drop Since Lehman Bankruptcy

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/31/2011 09:43 -0400


The May Chicago PMI is out and contrary to the herd of clueless Wall Street idiots, better known in polite circles as economists, it came at 56.6 on expectations of 62.0, a collapse drop from the 67.6 before. This is the worst monthly drop since the economy imploded back in October 2008, and the second largest two month drop since 1980! A quick look at the New Orders index indicates it was the lowest since September 2009. But the good news: the economy is still in expansion… for about 1 more month.  The release says it all: “NEW ORDERS and PRODUCTION posted their largest declines in several years…but remained positive” and “INVENTORIES accelerated buildup” – thank god for artificial economic expansion. And from the respondents: “Fuel cost are going to have a major impact on business activity in a negative way that will slow recovery to a crawl.” Uh, what recovery? Just you wait until QE3 is announced in 3 months. And elsewhere, the May consumer confidence completed the trifecta of bad news, coming at 60.8 on expectations of 65.4, and down from 66.6.

Time To Celebrate The Recovery: Food Stamp Usage Hits Fresh Record

That average monthly benefit of $133.24 for 44.199 million people will help with the purchase of one third of a very edible iPad. Food stamp participation chart presented without further commentary.


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