part 2

3. quite a retreat today with the solar eclipse  tonight- well that was a little taste of the Solar Eclipse due in a month in a grand cross with cardinal signs that can easily turn into a real crash. Yesterdays sucker rally manipulation trade was wiped off – well even the last 4 trading gains for the SPX. Still we should see a minor rally the next days starting tomorrow or the day after to the 1360-70 level . The Lunar eclipse on the 15th is a benign one and should pull prices higher the next days before real ugly things will happen.

we are undeniable in a depression since house prices have dropped more than during the big depression by now and the only thing going up are stocks due to an insane market manipulation by the FED and DC with their bankster buddies. since the report mentioned below prices have dropped another 5% and the banks are sitting on insane losses.




~ by behindthematrix on June 1, 2011.

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